Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cart, Tray, Waffle Cone Dishes

Cart with Green Wheels
white stoneware, cone 6
4.5 h x 7.75 w x 4.25 w

Here's a rustic cart from this firing with green wheels. I've learned to leave them alone after I make them till I load them very gingerly into the bisque. Consequently this one has sturdy wheels. The inside is actually a different color with a little green in it, but it looks similar to the outside glaze. I've also learned to put these glazes on very thin and I get the variation which I like.

I was thinking these would look nice with a small flower arrangement in them. Since they are water tight I could put a small metal flower frog inside, add water, and make up an arrangement. I could also put a dried arrangement in it. I could see this one with just different shades of green leaves. I know maybe some fern leaves. I'll run outside and get some and see if I can make one up for you to see.

Here you go, just some ferns, leaves and wild flowers from the yard. I put a lump of wet clay in the bottom to hold up the leaves because I' couldn't find a flower frog. This little posy would be great table decor for an afternoon tea, garden party, even an outdoor wedding don't you think?

Waffle Cone Dishes
white stoneware, cone 6
5 h x 3.25 w x 3.5 w inches

Here are the ice cream dishes I made some time ago. I like the way they turned out; I wanted them to look like waffle cones. Even a milkshake or smoothie could go in these. I was surprised they held at the attachment on the bottom, sometimes I get lucky.

Dresser Tray
white stoneware, cone 6
1 h x 9 w x 7 w inches

This is a tray I made just fooling around with a slab of clay folded under quickly into this shape. I almost threw it away but decided to fire it; I'm glad I did. I think this would be a good desk tray or catch-all on top a dresser for keys and spare change. I'd put some felt pads on the bottom so as not to scratch furniture. More new pots to come so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and for all  your comments and encouragement.


  1. Linda, you have a way with arranging ferns as well as clay. That cart full is just the best! Love the cart empty too. I definitely see it as centerpiece as people talk around it eating and enjoying themselves.

  2. Linda, your cart looks beautiful filled with ferns and leaves! If you list it on etsy that picture will be sure to get it sold.

  3. The arrangement in the little cart is just perfect!

  4. Hi Barbara, thanks, I took flower arranging years ago and had a great time with it, may get back into it a bit with natives.

    Hi Michele, thanks, wondering about the benefits of etsy, the second something new goes up there, there are all those trying to copy, and also wondering what price I should put on my little carts, they are deceivingly simple and yet it is a tricky proposition making, firing and glazing them.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks so much, I was lucky to find some leaves that went well with the cart.

  5. Your follower widget worked this time, so I'm now following your blog. I know I will enjoy all the beautiful things here. To answer your question, we live in the mountains between the Mojave desert and the San Joaquin Valley in California. It's called Tehachapi. We're at about 4,000 feet, hence our weird climate. I don't have a toothache, I have had two root canals in this tooth, both failed. I have had an infection for about a year and a half and now, finally, I have given up and will have the rest of the tooth removed. Thanks for your well wishes.

  6. Your little cart is great, filled with your arrangement it is absolutely perfect, a joy to behold. I also love the ice-cream dishes, very clever idea!

  7. Honestly, I wasn't loving the green wheels, then you put the ferns into the cart and it was perfect. Just beautiful.

  8. You are making so many lovely things. I wish I live next to you smile.


  9. That is my favorite cart so far and the ferns really set it off.

  10. Like the green wheels on the rustic glazed cart! Just right for the greenery--the wheels really highlights the arrangement.

  11. Hi Inger, thanks, you live very close to where I used to live, I lived in Springville and had a lavender farm there. What a small world.

    Hi Elaine, thanks, I was inspired to make those ice cream dishes after purchasing a home made ice cream mixer which had that pattern on it. Ha.

    Hi Lori, thanks, you know I wasn't sure about the green leaves either then I thought about putting the greenery inside and that really does make the piece. Now I can say I made them green on purpose. Ha, ha.

    Hi Elna, thanks, well if we don't live next to one another, the blog is the next best thing, don't you think? At least we can share our ideas and the things we love.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I am going to have to go back and try some arrangements in the other carts too I am so glad I thought of that with this one.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, this was pure luck for me to put the arrangement in this cart, sometimes I amaze myself with lucky strokes. Ha.

  12. cute little bird and like your other followers I love your fern arrangement - you are on a roll!!


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