Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Double Condiment Server

Sometimes I let the clay tell me what to do. The other day I was making pinch bowls and the small block of clay wanted to divide in the middle so I just started pinching it that way, making a double pinch bowl with divider in the middle. Then I thought it needed a handle in the middle. Then I thought to make two spoons. I came up with this double condiment server. The spoon on the right is better in the scoop part than the one on the left. But now that I have a prototype, I'll improve on my making techniques next time.

I was thinking of salt and pepper server on a stove top for this small one. You can't see in the photo, but the handle is hiding the dividing part in the middle. Now I'd like to make more of these but in larger sizes. Perhaps one for red and green salsa, or two types of jam or dip. Gee there must be hundreds of uses for these. Maybe this isn't a unique form, but for me it is. Sometimes it pays to listen to what the clay has to say. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    Items such as this are always useful to have and would be good in the kitchen to have salt and pepper on hand. In Hungary similar things are often to be found on the table, usually containing different strengths of ground paprika.

  2. love it when the clay 'talks'

  3. Very nice and useful. I've tried to make some but have never been too pleased with the result. Yours is great.

  4. Very nice and I just love the spoons. Hav a great day.


  5. Too cute. If you do one for salsa, maybe you could incorporate a ristra on the handle??? Ooh dang, listen to me...I'm now an artista!!??? hahaha

  6. Great idea, and your scoops do look fine; I had a dilly of a time making one once, and haven't gone back to it. Somehow I have the "metal silverware" design and can't switch easily for clay's needs in the structure. A challenge for sure!

  7. Now that's using your noggin!

  8. Good idea and nice design. I like the way the handle and the spoons work together. You ought to get some great breaking with your glazes. Make more!

  9. I think this is a clever item.

  10. a very useful server!
    i have been making spoons for years and really struggled with the first few. keep on practicing!

  11. You ae so darn creative. Those are adorable as well as useful.

  12. I love it! It's really organic so honestly I wouldn't want the spoons to be exactly the same! Great idea!!

  13. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, different strengths of paprika, I never knew they came in different strengths, I guess each country has it's special spice they use and are a connoisseur of.

    Hi Anna, thanks, yes I love it too, some of the best ideas come from the clay. Ha.

    Hi Lori, thanks, sometimes unplanned pieces turn out the best.

    Hi Elna, thanks, I think the curve of the handles words well with the piece.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, oh what a great idea. Ha. every one is an artist.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I am not sure how I will fire these and not have them stick with the glaze, we shall see.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, the clay did all the thinking. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I love your spoons and the fact you can fire them without them sticking.

    Hi Patti, thanks, this little one really is cute. I love it. Can't wait to make more.

    Hi Brenda, thanks, not the spoons are probably best left individual same as the piece. The handle goes all the way around but sits flat too. Sometimes I am amazed at how the clay speaks to me.

  14. Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, I wonder if clay has a brain, it sure seems like it sometimes.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I really do need to make more of these. Other textures would be good on the handle and spoons too. Can't wait to get some of these fired.


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