Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our New Home - Nelmar House 1877

We took a quick trip over the East Coast to Talbot Island and Fort George Island since there was finally going to be a break from tropical storm Debby. Here's our new home Nelmar House on Fort George Island near Jacksonville Florida. Isn't she a beauty?

There are ceiling fans on the outside porch a couple of fire places and lots of elbow room and the roof is made of cypress shingles. I do love a home with a big front porch. There's also a large outbuilding perfect for  my clay studio.

The Nelmar House was built in 1877 by John Stuart and is located on Fort George Island. It's sits on a nice piece of oak and pine studded property with views of the intercoastal water and ocean beyond. Gary always wanted to live on an island. I think I could live in Nelmar House quite comfortably, except I'm not sure I would like the upkeep of a home that large. Dreaming big but thinking small is probably best. The home is actually for sale, but perhaps a small cottage would suffice much better. Had you going though didn't I?

We hoped to see the oldest plantation house in Florida on that island, but it was closed due to the weather. The Nelmar House satisfied our quest for a taste of history from long ago days. Seeing the house we realized not everything in Florida has been destroyed by hurricanes over the years. Lots of old homes and buildings have weathered many storms and stood the test of time.

On the drive there we took the ferry in Mayport over to the islands having traveled up from the South.

We walked as far as we could on the boardwalk on Talbot Island then found the sea had obliterated the path to the beach from tropical storm Debby. So there was no shell collecting to be done.

Thankfully there wasn't much beach erosion or damage to structures. We did see a few trees had fallen and there was lots of standing water.

Driving on the island we saw a doe and her two fawns crossing a sandy road, but they were too quick for me to capture with my camera. We did notice  many gopher tortoise had weathered the storm and were foraging voraciously. These are a few of my inspirational photos from a quick trip to the ocean, hopefully we'll go back again soon. On the way home we stopped in Green Cove Springs for dinner at Ronnies Wings and Oyster Bar. We had a good trip. Every day we learn there's a lot of  history and lots to see and do in Florida. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Yes, Linda, I did think you were moving! Nice trip...the old houses seem to survive natural disasters best!

  2. Did I miss a post? You're not actually really looking to move are you? If I was to dream "big" the Old Faithful lodge with that huge fireplace would be one of my choices.

  3. What a beautiful porch!!! I would love to live there, Linda. You have good taste! Lol.

  4. beautiful pictures... if you moved into that big house i just might have moved in with you!

  5. Thanks for the visit to your new house. You had me on board at the ferry ride.

  6. I could live there, right now, but I need enough staff to help clean it and someone to cook so I can just read and do nothing.
    Can you work on that for me...

  7. What a lovely old house. I've only seen this type of houses on film.


  8. Lovely house and excursion! You really had me going, cher! lol . Love Fort George Island and a cottage there sound fab!

  9. Ha! It's fun to dream about living in interesting houses like that.

  10. That would be a great house if it came with staff. Sure is a biggie.
    Glad you all are drying out. How sad that Florida is under water and the west is on fire. Not fair either way.

  11. Hi Suzi, thanks, yes somehow I think the older wood is stronger than the new wood.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, glad I'm not the only one with dreams of moving to a big house. Ha.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, isn't it wonderful, the stories it could tell.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I'd have to have lots of folks living there I am sure there is plenty of room and one could probably get lost in that house.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, we thought the ferry ride would be a long on and essentially it took about five minutes across the strait. Ha.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, when I get that figured out I'll let you know, just what I need too, a large staff. Reading on that porch with an ocean breeze would be heaven wouldn't it?

    Hi Elna, thanks, there are lots of homes in cities around there with the same type of charm, not sure many are this old though.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, a cottage anywhere sounds wonderful to me, but alas I'll have to just dream.

    Hi Lori, thanks, it is rather fun. I probably wouldn't have thought it if there hadn't of been a for sale sign out front. I almost jumped out of the car and ran up to the front porch, but then I saw a car in the driveway and had to hold myself back.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yes sad either way, it always seems to be feast or famine.


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