Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunshine Award & Chipotle Shrimp

I sauteed peppers and ginger and then added chipotle hot sauce to some local shrimp I made served over quinoa, it was so good and not too hot either. We also had some flavorful apricots from the farmer's market. We're getting lots of rain here which gives me a reprieve from watering, more time for playing with clay.

I received the Sunshine Award from Marguerite of Cajun Delights. Thanks so much, Marguerite. I hope my blog brings a ray of sunshine into other's lives, I know your blog does. Here's my list of questions and answers and below are the ten blogs I'm sending a Sunshine Award. Please answer the ten questions on your blog and pass along the Sunshine Award to ten more folks.

1. Favorite color:  blue and purple
2. Favorite animal:  cat
3. Favorite number:  one
4. Favorite drink:  pure cranberry juice, no sugar, no corn syrup, just plain
5. Facebook or Twitter:  both but blogging is best
6. Good Book or a Good Movie: good book
7. My Passion:  clay, photography, gardening, how can I choose just one thing
8. Giving or getting presents:  both
9. Favorite day of the year:  each day I wake up alive
10. Favorite flowers:  fragrant flowers like gardenia, white ginger, magnolia

Here are my Sunshine Awards in no particular order:

Julia - Henhouse Pottery
Jane and Lance - Hattatt
Patti - The New Sixty
Turquoisemoon - Daily Om
Kittie Howard
Lori - Future Relics Pottery
Michele - Meesh's Pottery
Ms Sparrow
Barbara - Alchemy of Clay
Joanne - Cup on the Bus

Edited because of typos. Ha. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Linda, thank you for the award! The shrimp looks and sounds delicious. A nice sunshiney meal :-)

  2. Linda, Thank you for the award and oooh my...that shrimp looks so good!

  3. Thank you for thinking of me in regards to the award, my you have abondent sunshine in your life.
    I'll be trying the shrimp recipe.

  4. Thank you, dear lady, for the Sunshine Award! It means that you like my blog as much as I like yours--and that is high praise!

  5. Linda, congrats and many thanks for the list of blogs.. very interesting choices; I will be following the folks in Budapest. Joan T

  6. I thought that was cantaloupe!
    (wishful thinking since I want some right now).
    I will check some of those blogs out. ~Mary

  7. How nice of you to think of me. I enjoy following your creations and have high hopes for the woven baskets.

  8. Hi Linda...Sorry to have missed seeing you in person on my recent trip...I'll be baaaack again sometime. Thanks for thinking of me for award. Your shrimp looks lovely, and now I want some quinoa too!

  9. Hi Michele, thanks, it was real tasty and the first time we've tried chipotle sauce before, it's a keeper.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, it was really good; shrimp lends itself to sauces of all types doesn't it.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks for the high praise and back at you. Ha.

    Hi Joan, thanks, yes blogs are so much fun learning about folks around the globe.

    Hi Mary, thanks, those were the best apricots I've ever had and they didn't have a label on them.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, well I'll be making more of those baskets for sure.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, well you left just in time we are really getting hit hard with the rainfall.


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