Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vulture and a Double Tower

After fourteen inches of rain the other day, I went outside to see if there were any photos I could take. Gary was on his way to do a few errands. I looked around and didn't see anything of note to document with my camera. Gary leaned out the window and said, was there anything. I said not a thing.

Just then out of my upper peripheral vision I detected a shadow and some movement. At that moment a huge vulture was flying very slowly just over the tops of the trees. He was having a hard time staying aloft because of his extremely wet feathers. He chose to land on our TV antenna which is about 25 feet tall. I love the pattern of his feathers. A vultures wing span can be up to 72 inches across. Lots of folks don't like the vultures or buzzards as they are often called, but they perform a great service by eating carrion and keeping the stench of dead animals from filling the air. A vulture can detect a dead animal more than a mile away. I am truly mesmerized by the outline of the vulture feathers. I'm sure this pattern will appear very soon on a piece of pottery. Perhaps a vulture platter or tile.

I worked on this double tower yesterday. The tower is constructed with strips of clay laid in a figure eight pattern so the two towers are interconnected. I think the gray dripped color came from all the rain we are having. I've discovered after making a tower that they lend themselves to squeezing. I think I'll do some squeezing with the next few and see where that leads.

Here's the side view so you can see the triple caps suspended on the top. I may make another double tower without any top cap, this one seems a little busy to my eye. Maybe it's all the color I chose to use; after firing that feeling may change. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. VERY interesting photo! and love the colors in the double tower.

  2. That tower is gorgeous! ANd the top treatment was a surprise when you turned it for me...lovely! Hope your wet weather has just about passed for now.

  3. Like the double tower and the top makes a lovely surprise when turned.

    I hope all the rain has not washed you away. Our inch and a half seems pretty wimpy in comparison.

  4. I was thinking of you guys yesterday, wondering how you weathered the storm. Glad all is well, that's a whole lot of rain!
    I love the color scheme in this tower. Have you ever considered working with colored porcelain? This piece reminded me of that.

  5. I was driving by a church the other day when a Hawk lit on the steeple. I wished I was in a better position to stop and photograph it. Not a freaky as the Vulture but fun to see none the less.

  6. What a big bird and nice towers.


  7. You had 14 inches of rain? They had less than that in Duluth and it practically washed everything into Lake Superior!

  8. Nice of you to provide a place for the vulture to dry out. They have an important use in nature and I love to watch them ride the wind currents.

  9. Wow, thanks for the award, Linda You're a sweetie for thinking of me. And that shrimp dish looks yummy! However, I'll take a pass on those buzzards. I was on our deck with our beloved cat, Chena, when one made a swoop to snatch her, but I saw the shadow, held her close, and and ducked (as I could't get inside). The buzzard's talons landed on my LSU cap. Chena crossed the Rainbow Bridge shortly thereafter. The buzzard knew.

  10. Congrats on the award. These are some nice pictures.


  11. Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, glad you like the colors, we shall see how they fire.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, we are still getting rain but sporadic now. Strange the storm is now on land and less rain. I can't even imagine what a hurricane would be like.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, I guess it's a good thing Florida is all sand so the water can soak up. Ha. Glad you like the surprise.

    Hi Michele, thanks, so far so good but I can't imagine what a hurricane would be like, lowlands are flooding and rivers are cresting too. Glad you like the colors. I thought about colored clays in the past but seems like a lot of work to work all that color into the clay and then build something, seems like what I make already takes a ton of time, but then again I never know where I'll go next so it could be future possibility.

    Hi Lori, thanks, it's as if they are stopping to give us a message, I try to carry my camera wherever I go but sometimes I miss out.

    Hi Elna, thanks so much.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, luckily we have sandy soil here for sure.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I like to see them soar too, fun to watch.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, I am surprised a vulture would try to get a live animal, but as you said perhaps the vulture sensed the imminent demise of your poor little one Chena, so sorry about that.

    Hi Gina, thanks so much and for visiting my blog.


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