Friday, July 6, 2012

Serendipity Exhibit and Curry Shrimp

Check out the Serendipity wood fired sculptural exhibit at Crimson Laurel Gallery in North Carolina curated by Eric Knoche. And here is the functional portion of the exhibit. One of these days I'd like to build a small wood kiln just big enough to fire a few of my towers. There's plenty of wood available here in Florida. I see ads all the time for free wood being given away. Is there such a thing as Cone 6 wood firing I wonder? Maybe I'll try firing a tower in a barrel firing. It's been a long time since I used it. I've also heard of firing in place with refractory fabric. Do you know about that type of firing? There's a dead blackjack oak on the lot next to us which is dropping its dead branches. I'd like to gather them and use the wood to fire a piece.

The other day I made curry shrimp. I put a cup of rice on to cook. I peeled and butterflied the shrimp and set them aside. I chopped and sauteed some fresh ginger and an onion till soft then added some chopped red cubanelle peppers which are similar in flavor to bell peppers. After the peppers were soft I added the shrimp. While that was cooking in a separate saucepan I put one small can of coconut milk and added two tablespoons of curry powder, one teaspoon of turmeric, and one half teaspoon of cayenne pepper. I cooked that over medium heat till it started to boil and boiled it for five minutes to thicken it, then added that to the shrimp mixture. I placed the cooked rice on the plate and topped it with the curry shrimp mixture. Oh boy this is good.

Careful the sauce will stain your clothing and anything else it comes into contact with, due to the strong color of the turmeric. It seems like foods with strong colors have lots of health benefits. There's much research going on today with turmeric to determine it's affects in fighting off several diseases, please see the link. Today I'll be at the farmer's market in Beverly Hills selling my pottery; I hope it doesn't rain till the afternoon.  Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Your recipes and photos of food always make me hungry. Thanks for sharing, Linda.

  2. We keep waiting and waiting for rain- it is so dry here and I am not sure I will have one tomato unless I get rain.
    Many wood kilns here- we use to fire some wood but it has been a few years now.

  3. Oh the curry schrimp sound fantastic. Have a nice friday.


  4. I wish I could get there for so many reasons, Crimson Laurel is a great gallery to visit anytime.
    The Shrimp Curry sounds great, I have a cold yogurt soup that would complement it nicely.

  5. Hi Linda
    Somewhere on the internet I am sure there is a guide on building a raku wood fired bin from an IKEA rubbish bin like the one on this link:

    There are lots of books on alternate firing methods - mostly low fire temps of course. Lark publish a good one available on Amazon.
    As usual your food photos look great. Maybe you should enter that photographic competition at the Australian Ceramics Facebook page :^)

  6. oh and also thanks for sharing the wood fired images. Love Joy Brown's figures!

  7. As always, your recipe sounds so good, and that shrimp looks delicious, too! Have a good day at the market. I hope you have lots of $ale$ !

  8. curry shrimp sounds delicious!

    and someday Jeff and I will have a wood kiln......

  9. Not only CrimsonGallery in Bakersville (about 40 miles, an hour drive) but new gallery is opening in a week, Mica. I'll try to get to both of them this month. Super beautiful work, and I've met many of the potters.

  10. Turmeric is really showing promise for so many diseases. I take the capsuls for arthritis. Think your way is much better than a pill.

  11. Hi Linda,
    Yummy food! Regarding cone 6 wood firing, you really can fire to any temperature that an electric kiln will (and even higher) in a well constructed wood fired kiln, so cone 6 is no problem. A wood fired kiln can also be very controllable, I often have a smoother looking graph of my firing in a wood kiln than I do in my electric one, but it is a very hands on way of firing. Free fire wood, I'm envious!
    P xx

  12. Hi Gigi, thanks, hope you can use the recipes. they make me hungry too. Ha.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I wish I could find someone around here with a wood kiln I could use. I think St. Pete clay has one, I may look into it.

    Hi Elna, thanks, the curry shrimp is sooooo good.

    Hi Lori, thanks, hey maybe you can post the recipe of your cold yogurt soup. it sounds delicious.

    Hi Anna, thanks, I do have a book written by Paul Wandless on alternative firings, I'll have to dig it out of my boxes to see if it has info about a wood firing. I'd like to do one where the wood is in a separate firing box and only the smokes goes on the pottery.

    Hi Anna, thanks, I thought the exhibit was worth sharing, got the info from Michael's blog.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, made a few sales, traffic was slow perhaps due to a holiday week.

    Hi Michele, thanks, don't you fire some wood, at someone else's kiln I guess.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, you are living right in the heart of all that pottery, wish I was closer to potters around here.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I didn't know they make turmeric capsules. I always think the food is better than pills.

    Hi Peter, thanks, I know you have posted many descriptions about wood firing; I especially liked your raku wood firer. I may relook up your post again to see what that looked like. Yeah imagine free wood, not cold enough to use it here I guess.


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