Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bird on a Water Bucket

Here's another bucket with a bird. About two thirds down there's a seam I'm not happy with. Also I might have squished the bird down too much but I don't want him to fall off. I may want to change the shape of my birds, I plan to work on that aspect. It helps me to take photos my work as greenware so I can refine my making.

Today we have our pottery guild meeting and we're having a panel of gallery owners to discuss how to approach gallery owners and what gallery owners are looking for in artist's they represent. I'm looking forward to this discussion. White rabbit to you all today. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. That's a great idea for a meeting, I've heard some horror storys from gallery owners and I'm pretty certain that the stuff happened because artists don't always know what to expect or what to do.

    The seam bothers me as well, the bucket actually reminds me of a well so maybe you can use that seam to your advantage visually.

  2. It's hard to remember to say "white rabbit" first thing in the morning when you have three hungry kitties waiting for you to feed them!

  3. Hi Lori, thanks, the meeting was wonderful, more about that later. I've smoothed out the seam a bit, we shall see.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, it is so hard to remember; I am not sure I believe in the superstition, but it's fun to try and remember, good exercise for the brain. My three kitties are the same way. Ha.

  4. I had to follow the white rabbit link, as I'd never heard of it. Interesting and fun tidbit!

  5. Hi Laurie, thanks, I am not sure where I heard it, but I have been trying to say white rabbit the first day of the month for years, not an easy task. Ha. I can use all the good luck I can get.


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