Saturday, August 4, 2012


Much admiration happened yesterday but, sadly, not one pot left the booth. I hate to generalize but the demographics just aren't conducive to pottery sales at the farmer's market in Beverly Hills.
  • 17 folks came by barely walking with canes
  • 18 folks in wheelchairs wheeled by
  • 3 folks with dogs in baby carriages wheeled by
  • 4 folks with dogs walked by
  • 3 folks with oxygen came by
  • 10 folks under 70 sauntered by
  • 2 folks with grandchildren came by
Many folks came in my booth and admired the pottery but said they didn't need anything. The only people at the market who sold something were the produce guy who sold a lot after he discounted his already low prices so he could outsell the other produce vendor. The guy selling fresh fish sold some. The guy selling range fed meat sold two boxes and each box is $400 each. The meat is obtained another day. One person in one booth sold one dollar and another sold two dollars. That was it for the day.

Two retired art teachers came by the booth and spent time looking at all my work and said it needed to be in galleries in locations other than this county and probably in other states where folks appreciate and can afford hand made work. I take very reasonably priced pieces to this market because of the income level of the people in attendance. One guy over 70 wants to take one on one classes. And then there was a woman who insisted the molds I used must have very costly and intricate. No matter what, she couldn't be convinced my pottery is made by hand one at a time. One woman who bought pots from me last market day wants another one in a green color.

Since the market is on Friday, no one who works is able to attend. Since it's hot most folks stay home. A very elderly population on a limited income generally do not buy pots. They even said so, many times over. They said my work was well made and beautiful but they don't need or can't afford anything. Meanwhile the birds, squirrels, and possibly the turtles are enjoying the jelly palm fruit which has produced great masses of fruit this summer. The post about galleries coming up soon. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    This makes for very depressing reading and we are, on a personal level, very sorry that you did not make any sales.

    Just think of the demographics of any cruise ship! Too dreadful to contemplate.

  2. guess you have to try but sounds like you need to find a different market :^( disappointing just the same...

  3. My son in law saw his sales increase at craft fairs when he allowed customers to charge items on their credit card.

  4. That had to be a bit depressing but at least a learning lesson. I am in the demographic of most of those customers and generally we are not good buyers. We retirees usually have everything we need or want, have run out of room for what we all ready have and tend to be practical with our gift giving. We appreciate beauty and art but rarely buy it. I know, bummer.
    Younger demo would be better.

  5. oh Linda, this post made me laugh (and want to cry!) at the same time. The laughing because of your breakdown of demographics - omg, that was funny. i know it probably wasn't MEANT to be funny, but it cracked me up. On another note, there is nothing more discouraging for an artist to attend a show (or a market, or a fair) and not sell a thing. Your work is BEAUTIFUL and surely, there is place for it somewhere in the world where it would be appreciated.
    ps: "3 folk with dogs in baby carriages wheeled by" - Linda, THAT is hilarious!! Keep your chin up. Your work was just in the wrong place. xox

  6. There are some really good craft shows in Florida, but they would involve a jury process, some travel and building a booth. We are considering applying to some of them. At least for you the traveling wouldn't be so far!

  7. Molds- ha, bet you loved that!
    Luckily, the farmer's market here has grown through the years both in vendors and customers. Through the winter I noticed college students often showing up, which was nice to see. I'm sure the increase in attendance is mainly due to the promotion efforts of the market officers because this is a very small town. Does your market have elected officers running it?
    I do have my occasional dud day so I can relate. I'd much rather be home working on those days.

  8. Come to find out the newspaper had an article today about no one receiving their social security checks on Friday and them not knowing why which could have had something to do with the lack of sales.

    Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, many folks go to the farmer's market just to get out of the house and take a walk. I didn't realize the demographics on cruise ships was the same. Ha.

    Hi Anna, thanks, I am hoping to establish some local customers and there are a few, just hoping for more. Working on others though too.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I guess I'm almost in the same demographic too poor and too old to need anything more. Ha.

    Hi Pauline, thanks, people really do walk their dogs in baby carriages around here, mostly those little foo foo type dogs is what I call them. Two young girls came by and had a great dane with a multi colored eye, I think they are called party colored. It is kind of funny. At least there was much admiration of my work.

    Hi Michele, thanks, up till now I couldn't afford to enter or the expense of travel and my health wasn't good enough to last all day, hopefully things are improved enough now to try a few. Which shows are you planning to try?

    Hi Melissa, thanks, yes molds, I think molds are big here in Florida for all the items made for the tourist trade and many people don't realize pottery can be made any other way. I may have to take some clay and make a few pinch pots next time, actually that might help with sales. I'll give it a try. This market is run by the Beverly Hills community and the produce guy who didn't sell anything didn't want to be tied up every weekend so he dictated the Friday venue, I tried telling them it would be better attended if it was on a Saturday but to no avail. I'll try again perhaps the poor sales for all the vendors may help change their mind.

  9. Hi Gigi, thanks, I really don't make enough sales at these markets to invest in one of those credit card things.


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