Monday, August 20, 2012

Layers of Earth with a Spring

We finally got more rain here. This year we've only had sporadic rain storms unlike the previous two summers. We seem to be going into a more rainy pattern now, I hope it continues for the remainder of the summer. Here's another layers of earth tower about ten inches tall and two inches wide. This one has a central turquoise form as if water were bubbling up from the earth like a spring and flowing down. Or perhaps rain is falling on the earth and replenishing the water table.

I brushed turquoise underglaze as far down as I could on the interior. Not an easy feat with the strip of clay in the center and over the top. I always seem to do those type of things with my clay making. But I seem to go with the flow so to speak and work around the predicaments I find myself in. I know these colors are somewhat traditional Southwestern, but I don't necessarily mean them to be categorized in that way. Perhaps if I used a blue rather than a turquoise, but I do like turquoise. When I look around Florida these same colors occur here in the earth, the sky, and the waters. These are also colors I see at the ocean or the beach.

Today I saw two gopher tortoise in the front yard. I saw the female go into her burrow and then saw this other tortoise go into the same burrow. From what I've read this is an unusual occurrence. I'm so lucky to see these tortoise on a daily basis. The tortoise set the tone for the day in so many ways. Most of the tortoise are about 12 x 10 inches. I haven't actually measured them because I observe them only from a distance so I don't disturb their foraging. Thanks for reading and for all  your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    We are so pleased to learn that you have had some much needed and welcome rain, reflected in your most recent work where, we think, the turquoise is a most striking inclusion.

    Tomorrow we leave for Venice for some days, to which we often travel, in the hope of some cooler weather close to the sea.

  2. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, oh you are so lucky to be traveling to Venice, have a great time there, looking forward to some post and photos from that romantic city.

  3. I think it is usually best to go with your instinctive choices for colours - and these are beautiful.

    How fortunate you are to see those wonderful tortoise just going about their normal life, living as they are supposed to.

  4. Hi Elaine, thanks, I am truly blessed that I get to observe these gentle creatures almost daily; they do no harm to anyone, only dig their burrows in the woods and come out on the lawn to eat the legumes, grasses, and any mushrooms or fruits they can find like saw palmetto berries.

  5. I like your color combos...the turquoise makes the other colors pop!
    I didn't realize gopher tortoises were so big. You are so fortunate to have them around.
    We had a baby snapping turtle get into our pond....we put in a local river. We used to see box turtles around...none lately.

  6. Hi that strip of turquoise...and that it begins at top and descends into the open space. Hope you do more with that design element. We're all leaving our FL vacation tomorrow and returning home.

  7. Beautiful colors. It's almost the same as my blanket. You have rain we we have very hot here in the south of Sweden for this time of the year. Around 30 degrees.


  8. I love the colors of the southwest. I decorated my bathroom in those colors.

  9. A tortoise in the morning would be swell. We have turtles in the woods and only see them when they come out to cross the road. Of course they need help to get across and I often wonder how many of the little buggers I've carried across the road have said "Oops, I forgot my handkerchief," and gone back.

  10. Can't remember if I've asked before--- have you named the gopher tortoises? I have a lizard near my studio and am thinking of a name for him...

  11. Very nice colors.

    Thank you for posting the pictures of the tortoises so we can all enjoy the visits with you.

  12. Hi Suzi, thanks, I remember you posting the baby snapping turtle he was so cute. These gopher tortoise aren't even mature till they are 7 or 8 years old and they can live up to 60 years, but most to 40.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, well you had pretty good weather while yo were there I guess.

    Hi Elna, thanks, I'll have to check out your blanket, there is some pale rose there I hope it shows up.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, well I think they are fairly popular, the red may turn a darker brown when fired.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, the rule around here is if you see a turtle crossing the road, make sure you carry him in the direction he is going otherwise he will just go back across again; they know where they are going. Ha.

    Hi Amy, thanks, no I am not naming the turtles and I can only recognize them by which burrow they use. Although we do have one really large one and I can recognize him.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I was wondering if folks are getting tired of my tortoise photos, I never tire of them, but perhaps others do. Glad you are enjoying them.


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