Friday, August 31, 2012

The Right Gallery Fit

In this area of Florida it's tough to find a gallery which is a good fit for pottery. Most of my work has been in gallery settings which primarily feature paintings or in locations without a lot of traffic. My goal for this Fall is to find other avenues to sell my work. One place my work is selling like hot cakes is The Garden Shed on Rock Crusher Road nearby in Homosassa. Louise carries artisan made products of local artists and she does a wonderful job of displaying and selling my work. Even though her shop is in an out of the way location she advertises and has events and classes to draw customers to her store. Thanks Louise.

I pulled my work out of the Florida Artists Gallery in Floral City and I'm listing a few pieces I had there in my Etsy shop until I can find other locations to show and sell my work So look for new pieces on Etsy. The gold filled vase above did sell recently but neither the multi leaf serving bowl in the first photo sold nor did the sea urchin adorned vase below.

Recently Michele Hastings mentioned Big Cartel. I looked at this e-commerce site a few years ago when Kristen Kieffer mentioned it on her blog but didn't feel I could produce work to keep the shop filled adequately at the time. I had just relocated across the country, switched to a new kiln, and was trying new clays and firing temperatures. However, now I think Big Cartel might be a good venue to sell some of my more sculptural work. Stay tuned for more on the topic of sales venues. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I have always felt that it isn't fair for artists and writers to have to market their own work. It takes two different personality types and they are rarely found in the same person.

  2. It seems we need to really diversify to keep the checks coming in.
    I wish I could find more info on sales stats for Big Cartel. I suppose since you don't have to sign a contract it's worth a try... and there is always the free get your feet wet level.
    Good to hear you have a gallery that is selling well.

  3. Tracey Broome just started a shop on Big Cartel, keep an eye on her blog to see how she's doing.

  4. Looks like I've finally caught up with you. It's a delightful surprise to find out many wonderful pieces you've created while I took a break from blogging! I really love the tower series, especially, the Navajo red one with big round eyes. The Yunomi is beautiful. I love its colors. I wonder how many yunomi cups you've made so far.

    Reading this post, I'm very glad to know (from comments) that "you have a gallery that is selling well", It makes me so happy!!
    Good luck with your business!! Good luck with the lovely tower series!!

  5. Hi Linda, finding the right fit is a challenge so well done to get at least one and I hope you soon have more. I'm suprised that black vase didn't sell so good luck with Big Cartel.

  6. Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, I think you are correct. I find the making much easier than the selling.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes diversity is the name of the game I am thinking.

    Hi Lori, thanks for the info.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, so glad you've had a great time away from blogging and thanks so much for your kind words. I need to make more of those yunomi I wasn't sure that new technique would work for them but it seems to have held.

    Hi Anna, thanks, the vase is almost black but not quite, with the right floral arrangement it would be spectacular I think. I'll have to play around with it. Thanks again.


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