Monday, October 1, 2012

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Just for fun in honor of rabbit rabbit rabbit day I made a couple of rabbit platters. Run rabbit run. The background color is a pale green although in the photo it looks white. Did you remember to say white rabbit or rabbit, rabbit, rabbit first thing this morning? Hope so. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    Somehow one cannot look at these jumping for joy rabbits without having a smile on the face. They look so jolly leaping through the 'grass'.

    Happy October!

  2. Love the rabbits! We didn't say "white rabbit" or "rabbit, rabbit" this morning. Probably just gave a groan and staggered out of bed to feed the cat. (Nigella Stopit is always up first, then Ginger wants to be fed about the time you are ready to get back into bed again with a cup of tea... ).

  3. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, yes they are jumping for joy, sometimes happy animals are fun to illustrate. Ha.

    Hi Peter, thanks, it really isn't easy to remember to say especially first thing in the morning. I have my Binky on an automatic feeder to limit his food it runs on battery and only doles out so much, so he keeps coming up to me to try and get me to give him some food in advance, so I know how your cats can be, they have us trained.

  4. I do love your bunny platters. Big smiles here - thank you. And no, I forgot to say rabbit or White rabbit, and I don't think it counts if you first say it to a cat. The other occupant of the house got up much, much later.

  5. Love those happy leapinrabbits.

    My first mother-in-law always said if there were two people they had to greet each other by one saying "hares" and the other responding with "Rabbits". She and her sister used to call each other shortly after ringing in the new year to preserve the tradition.Woe to the person who said hello instead of Hares. If you were alone you were supposed to say "Rabbits!"

  6. These pieces made me smile! Run, Happy rabbits, Run, Run!! Do you have any other plans to draw different animals on your plates?

  7. It was raining this morning so one of my dogs was not responding well to "go out and go potty." Maybe if I had said " rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!" In an excited tone it would have helped get her outside.

  8. Rabbit, Rabbit! I just say it to the computer, whenever I see it. And my new tradition is just a couple of years old, never having heard it until then. And only twice. So does this invite something wonderful to happen at the beginning of the month? Hope so.

  9. They are so cute *smile*.


  10. Yes, Linda, I remembered to say rabbit, rabbit:) Not only that, on my walk along the shoreline this morning, a rabbit with tall ears hopped across the trail! There are lots of rabbits out there in the pickle weed and rushes. Your plates captured that wonderfully!

  11. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, yes I think it counts even if you say it to a cat or just out loud, just has to be the first thing in the morning. Ha.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, interesting all the adaptions of this theme, how they spread around the globe, perhaps because the rabbit or hare is seen in the morning or evening mostly.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, yes they are happy rabbits but I see I have forgotten to give them a mouth must go back and give them one. Ha. I may think about some more animal platters. Years ago I did one of an oppossum but it didn't turn out like I wanted and then I forgot about it. I've done the fish platters, but the animals are fun too.

    Hi Lori, thanks, recently I read or heard that dogs often don't want to out in the rain because their hearing is more acute and the noise of the rain makes them scared, I never knew that about dogs, so that could be the reason for your dog's reluctance to go out in the rain. When we had a dog we had certain phrases we would use and they did work.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, yes this means there will be good luck the whole month.

    Hi Elna, thanks, yes these are happy rabbits running in tall grass.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, I was thinking of tall grass when I made these, I like the phrase 'the pickle weed and rushes' so poetic sounding. I was looking at a photo of a rabbit and was amazed at some that have ears much larger than I realized. I think it was an Arizona rabbit. The ones here don't have very large ears.


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