Monday, November 12, 2012

Respect Your Elders

Gary turned sixty-five this weekend and that morning he said to me 'respect your elders'. Ha. You have to know Gary to appreciate his humor. Happy Birthday Gary. This morning he said sixty-five isn't elderly, but seventy-five is considered elderly. I've always considered myself lucky for so many reasons, but I think the luckiest thing which ever happened to me is meeting and marrying Gary. The photo is of Gary when he joined the Air Force and later served in Vietnam. I think they tell them not to smile for the photos. Thanks to Gary and all of our veterans who serve for our country.

This morning I glanced out the window and I noticed the lawn was full of birds everywhere. Many were barely visible in the grass even though it isn't tall, like the finches. I take these photos from the house through the window so they aren't very clear but the color of the bluebirds was hard to miss. There was even a robin. They were all busy foraging for seeds and insects. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Please tell Gary, Happy Birthday...and Thanks!!!

  2. Hello Linda:
    Happy Birthday to Gary and many, many happy returns. He looks very handsome in the photographs and we are sure that he hasn't changed one bit....except, perhaps to smile more!!!

  3. Oh, he has been in the Air Force. What a nice blue bird. You may have a nice week.


  4. Please tell Gary Happy Birthday from Hubby and me. Hub says,good choice..he was in the Air Force also, during the same time frame. In fact when I met him, he had almost the same hairstyle that Gary does in that photo. I just asked him if he had a photo like that. His Mom must have had it. We just returned from lunch at the Texas Roadhouse, free lunch for all veterans, and they served their meals with a little flag on them. We got there early, and the place filled up very fast. When we left the line was very long, and I saw veterans of all ages coming in.

  5. Happy Birthday to Gary. I'm not too far behind him!

  6. Happy Birthday to Gary from South Africa!
    No, he can't pull the 'respect your elders' card just yet :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Gary. There is a brief period (nine days) each year when the skinny portion is two years older than I am. How I rub it in.

  8. Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I'll let him know, he doesn't know I showed his photo from so long ago. te he

    Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, Gary is one of those folks that doesn't show his teeth when he smiles, kind of austere but his words are witty.

    Hi Elna, thanks, yes he was drafted so he decided to join the Air Force because he didn't want to be in the other military categories. He loves planes. The bluebirds are so sweet they are all flying around in small groups here, bluebird families.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I'll let Gary know.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, oh we probably could have gone for a free meal too, didn't think of it. Oh well. Say hi to your hubby for us.

    Hi Gayle, thanks, me either. Ha.

    Hi Robyn, thanks, I think there was momentary feeling of being old, but he seems to be getting younger, now me I seem to be getting (looking) older. Ha.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, Gary (my skinny portion) is 2.5 years older than me. Ha.


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