Friday, January 4, 2013

Tea Bag Holders & Ring Dishes

Yesterday I spent working on smaller pieces. I made textured heart shaped dishes which can be used for ring dishes or tea bag holders and a few pendants. Some of these are destined for tea shops and gift shops.

These dishes have the vine pattern I've used on other dishes. I plan on making more of my oblong plates, small square plates, and dinner sized plates next. I'm hoping to make enough to have sets in different glazes. I think if I set aside one day to make one thing I may accomplish more in replenishing stock and having enough inventory. For example, Monday for plates, Tuesday for bowls, Wednesday for sculpture, etc. etc. We shall see how well I stick to a more organized plan. What about you, how do you organize your work week? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. We typically have a plan for the week and try to stick to it. After Christmas the priority was to replenish the piggy bank stock. This week it's working on orders and mugs. The work is usually driven by what has sold in recent weeks.
    I will admit that sometimes it's hard to stick to the plan!

  2. It sounds like you are one busy gal!

  3. I like to make most items a couple of dozen at a time. It really helps with consistency. Especially this time of year, I throw and bisque, throw and bisque. Later on it's really nice to be able to grab bisqueware out of inventory and glaze it as I need it.

  4. Ideally what I do is throw for a few hours, then glaze and decorate bisque ware. Reality is often a far cry from the ideal.

    I'm just getting back to work. The Saga Of The Tooth really threw me off!

  5. Since I don't do production work, I'm not at all organized. I did spend Fri. accumulating inspiration however. That's pretty much on schedule!

  6. Beautiful. Selfishly, I don't mind what your schedule is, or how organised you are, so long as you post pictures of your progress. I am always excited and awed by your work.

  7. I very seldom have the need to organize my day....I admire that you do and get so much art work accomplished.

  8. Hi Michele, thanks, I am going to try to have a plan for myself, but I have drawings by the bedside. Ha.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, being busy keeps me out of trouble.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, what a good idea to have items already bisqued and ready to glaze.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, I tend to make and make, then bisque and bisque, then glaze and glaze and fire.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I don't consider myself a production artist but I need to make some things that sell regularly in shops and on etsy to increase sales so I can pay for my supplies and firing costs so I can make my sculptures; only way I can afford to keep working with the clay.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, no problem, I love posting because I like writing and photography and I can refer back to may own posts as a journal and it helps keep me organized. Ha.

    Hi Dee, thanks, most times I am already organized in my head but I am going to try to keep abreast of things this year more than last, we shall see. Ha.

  9. I've found that I tend to make items in multiples - one day ornaments, next day incense holders, the next day brooches etc. That way I don't get too overwhelmed and can try to stay consistent.
    After trial and error, it seems the best way for me, otherwise I wander off the path :D


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