Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Few Hearts

For the glaze load that's firing, I was able to squeeze in a few hearts. I planned on getting these fired long  before now but the worn out kiln relays set me back in time. The hearts arranged like this remind me of a plate pattern I've seen before or maybe it was fabric. I glazed these in red, plum and even some clear. 

It's been in the low thirties during the night but the low seventies during the day. I took advantage of the sun yesterday and sanded green ware while a glaze load was firing. I have a dust mask I use while sanding because dry clay dust (silica) is harmful to the lungs. For sanding I'm using a green kitchen scourer several potters have suggested, one being Michele of Meesh's Pottery. As soon as I unload the kiln today, I'll load up another bisque load. I have quite a few sgraffito and slip decorated plates and bowls to fire next. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I like the pattern of your hearts - could a Valentine gift for someone perhaps. I stopped using those kitchen scourers. I found they created more dust in the air and were likely to leave scratches so now I do as much as I can with damp sponges before firing and use wet & dry sandpaper in water if I must sand fired work. makeup sponges are great as they don't leave marks.

  2. Hi Anna, thanks, I use a doily for the texture. The scourers I use are those softer type green ones, they don't seem to scratch the work. I am using a smooth stoneware. Much of my work is from slabs and slip painted once they are painted and formed into the plate I can't really manipulate them much till they are completely dry otherwise they warp so I am left to sand just before they go in for the bisque. I try to smooth as much as I can when I form them, but there always seems to be more to do. I also have some tan environmentally friendly pads I use. It does create a lot of dust that's why I like to go outdoors and sit with the wind to my back.

    I have never tried a damp sponge on dry ware, how does that affect it? I may practice that on these next ones. I you doing it on bone dry work?

  3. Fascinating! I love to see your wonderful art, Linda. Fascinating to read how you make them that way.

  4. Your heart arrangement reminded me of a snowflake, like those ones we cut out of paper when we were kids.
    Sounds like you are having some perfect weather, as long as it isn't freezing at night, since that does damage to all those beautiful flowers and produce that grows in Florida.

  5. Sigh... How I wish I could be sitting in the sun today. We've been getting snow regularly so it's almost totally white everywhere you look. Enjoy your sunny day!

  6. Hi Linda..ahhhhh, yes, sitting in the sun..looks so welcoming..warmish day here, though, so I am not complaining... up to +6C in the sun this aft.
    ..hearts are great!

  7. Hi Gigi, thanks, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes with pottery making that I ever knew about when I first started.

    Hi Michele, thanks, we are getting some frost and we have a couple of tender plants we have to cover up at night but it warms up in the afternoon, we're expecting rain later in the week and it will warm up more then. Yes a snowflake or perhaps it was a Danish fabric I saw.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, I wouldn't mind sitting in a cabin and viewing some snow but don't want to drive or shovel it any more.

    Hi Trish, thanks, I remember when I used to go snow skiing and it was below zero when it warmed up to 18 I took my jacket off, it's all relative I guess, now below 70 and I am cold.

  8. I enjoy seeing you sit in the shade enjoying your craft. :) That is the perfect way to spend time.


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