Monday, April 29, 2013


If I ever feel uninspired all I have to do is look in my own sketchbooks. They are filled with sketches of all shapes and sizes. Perhaps I might be bored with what I've been making. No problem, I just look in my sketchbooks. Ideas from the past become new again.

For me inspiration comes from everywhere and everything and I'm almost never uninspired. But sometimes I like to reflect on what I've made in the past and what I want to make in the future. Perhaps I want to set some goals. Another reason to leaf through my sketchbooks. Not only that but it's fun to look back on my previous sketches. If you don't have a sketchbook I urge you to get one and start sketching. Even if you're not an artist, a sketchbook might be a journal. If you're a writer keep a notebook nearby, you never know when an idea or a phrase might come up that you might want to jot down. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It is always good to go back and get inspired. It is irises outside Sudden. Have a nice start to the week.


  2. I don't sketch, but do write down notes.

  3. I agree, a sketchbook really helps to generate and focus ideas. Also, as your artistic vision changes over the years, it becomes an interesting record of how the work has developed and from where ideas originated. That said, I don;t use them as much as I should! :)

  4. Mine is a combo of sketches of ideas and a diary of glazes put upon things. I'd never be able to do things a second time without those notes. Memory is a sieve.

  5. Your sketch books are excellent! Keep it up!

  6. We wrote everything in a little book we kept in the loom bench by the door. Every threading, every note to self, treadling, pics per inch..everything. If we ever needed to evacuate, standing orders: grab the book.

  7. Your sketches are so neat! My sketchbooks are so messy, they are embarrassing. As you say they can inspire and guide and remind one of many creativity paths.

  8. What a great idea. It's like leaving little notes to your future self.

  9. I don't use a sketchbook. I am the only one who does not draw in our MA course and ceramic department! I make it in clay instead of drawing or doodling.

  10. Enjoyed the look at your sketchbook. Some of the artists we visit on the local tours have their sketchbooks laid out for folks to see, and I really enjoy that part.

  11. I agree about keeping a sketch book of ideas. I have ton's of them. If I ever go through a dry spell I have them to re inspire me. Besides...artists minds get to crowded and need to be drained once in awhile. I am sure you will find a lot of inspiration on your journey

  12. Hi Elna, thanks, oh so nice to see your iris, I sometimes amaze myself looking back at my own sketches. Ha.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I used to just doodle and write notes, but since I started working in clay I do sketches, funny how that changed.

    Hi Mark, thanks, I don't think I use them as much as should either but when packing them up I had a chance to leaf through them.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, my memory is like a locked case and the sketches unlock the case sometimes. Ha.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, oh the things I have jotted down for the future but it never seems to arrive. Ha.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, oh of course I picked a neat page or two there are messy ones in there for sure.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes little notes, recording what I was thinking in the past.

    Hi Midori, thanks, I only started sketches since I started working in clay, no that isn't true because I used to draw before that for my garden designs, Hum wonder where that journal is?

    Hi Barbara, thanks, oh what a good idea to have a sketch book at the art fair I'll have to remember that.

    Hi Dee, thanks, oh yes the sketch book is like a drain for me I never thought of that but it is so true must drain out the ideas before they get too crowded.


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