Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brownwood Bronzes by J Michael Wilson

Yesterday while looking for a rolling home we drove past these life sized bronze statues of a Florida cracker cowboy, his dog, and thirteen cattle made by Utah artist J Michael Wilson. I just had to tell you about them.

Scroll to the bottom to view a video about the making of the sculptures from concept to drawings to clay to bronze to installation.

Images were borrowed from the net because so many people were obstructing my photo taking opportunities.

Some folks were even putting their children on top of the cows to take photos. There's a farmer's market at the square which I wish I had known about before now. I probably could  have sold lots of pottery there. Perhaps in the fall.

Up next our rolling home, so please stay tuned. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. When I saw these I wondered if it was the same sculptor that did the bronze cattle drive at Pioneer Plaza in Dallas, TX. I looked it up and it is a different artist. These are really beautiful.

    Can't wait for the update about your rolling home.

  2. What gorgeous sculptures. There's nothing like that in Hawaii.

  3. Great looking cattle. Glad to see a FL cracker! (Crakin' their whips to move the cattle...source of the term)

  4. What a great tribute in public sculputre.

  5. What a great display. I bet it really attracts a lot of attention.

  6. What a wonderful, hands on display. In Okeechobee county where I lived the Florida Cowboy is a live and well.

  7. What a great piece of art and a wonderful spot for a farmers market. Looking forward to hearing about your rolling home. I am sure I missed things in my frenzied little world, about where you will be traveling. If you come to NC, please come by Jugtown, and we live right up the road, so you have a place to park and a pillow on which to rest your heads should you desire!

  8. That's a wonderful piece of sculpture. I love seeing stuff like this outside rather than in a gallery.

    Looking forward to a tour of your new home!

  9. Thanks all

    The bronzes definitely attract a lot of attention as folks drive by, so much so I could barely get any photos.

    we have just over a week and are running out of time.

    Jennie thanks for the offer, I hope to get to Jugtown on this trip, stay tuned for more as we get further along in our plans.


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