Monday, May 13, 2013

Florida Maple Bark and Leaves

maple trees I planted in the front yard
lichen growing on the bark

 new growth in a bright peachy red

 month old leaves fading from red to green

there's actually a canopy of branches on these young maples

Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. HI Linda!
    I receive a package from you!
    Thank you- what a sweet pot!!!
    I will give you a better thanks later.

  2. Saying good bye to the old place? Nice way to do it.

  3. Hi Meredith, thanks, hope you like it, too bad someone put dried flowers and some dry foam glued in there I was afraid to try and clean it but maybe it's worth a try, it's a Roseville pot I am sure.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, yes saying goodbye I love seeing the trees I plant growing so well.

  4. Love, love, love your trees. Always a joy.

  5. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, do you have native maple trees on your side of the planet?

  6. Not natives, no. Sadness. Trees are another of my obsessions.


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