Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pass Along the Kindness

The other day I was shopping for some necessities at wally world. Yes I shop there when that's the least expensive place I can get something. I don't like to but I've learned to do what I have to do to survive. I'm sure many if not most people in America shop there because they must. Times are tough for too many folks. I knew I had only a certain amount of money in my wallet. I've been shopping with cash for some time. I don't like using a debit card or credit card unless I absolutely have to.

When I got to the cash register I told the clerk I wasn't sure if I had enough money with me; alerting her I might put something aside. She said she understood. I knew she'd probably heard the same thing from so many folks, those out of work with no job prospects, those scrimping to get by, some with children to feed. Knowing the wages at wally world I thought she probably had to scrimp to get by.

As it turned out I was 25 cents short after emptying my wallet and coin purse. I was about to reach in the cart and set aside one bag of kitty litter when she reached in her own pocket and took out 25 cents and said, "Here, I have it, no problem". I felt guilty since now I have the money to buy what I need; but not long ago I didn't. I said "I owe you 25 cents". She said "Don't worry about it, just pass along the kindness". I'm sure this happened to me as a reminder to pass along the kindness. As I walked to my car I had to stiffle my tears at the kindess shown to me by a clerk at wally world. I'm looking forward to being able to pass along the kindness to someone else. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Wonderful.
    I bought milk for a young mother who was going to have to put it back.
    Kindness, pass it on.

  2. This has been a practice in my life, going both ways, to be sure, for many years and is an entirely satisfactory practice of right living.

    Passing it on is the best as one never does it just once.

  3. The smallest gestures are often the most meaningful.

  4. This is so sweet, Linda, and I so understand. My own situation has become more difficult and being much more careful a necessity now. I hope your new way of life feels good... you seem to have always been an adventurer... I sometimes fear I am losing my sense of adventure and need to resuscitate it.

  5. kindness often appears in the most unlikely places.

  6. I've done this. It seems the best thing to do. I've even kicked in the remaining dime for a youngster's music CD. They can't learn too young.

  7. C'mon, you made her day! Her sweet gesture and suggestion to "pay it forward" are what keeps us all going.
    I'm glad it made your day, and I'm glad you blogged about it and made MY day!

  8. I've seen it (the pay it forward) more often done around holiday times... but it's great if it could become a *any day* practice. We need to make ourselves more aware of our ability to help... even in the smallest way.

  9. Heartwarming! Such small things can make a real difference in so many ways. Nice post.

  10. I had to blink back the tears too. Touching story, Linda.

  11. How lovely. And a stunning life philosophy to adopt.

  12. What a heartwarming post! "to pass along the kindness to someone else" I'll remember this and want to follow the words as often as possible.
    I've finally caught up with you. So you are now traveling again. Safe and happy journey, Linda!!

  13. There are so many good people in this world and you just met one of them. may the Lord bless her . I am sure you have and will pass it on :)

  14. I've seen a video about people buying Starbucks coffee for the random person in line behind them. It's supposed to be the same concept but it falls short since it's designer, overpriced coffee. Your story has more meaning because that quarter may be really important to her and you. Thank you. I'll pass along some kindness today on behalf of both of you.

  15. Thanks for sharing your story! It's great when people go out of their way to help people! Linda I can tell you are one of those people too.

  16. Linda that comment is from me. I don't know why I came up as unknown, but it happens to me a lot. hahaha

  17. Thanks you all I think I needed to focus on others instead of myself all the stress of moving had me a bit depressed untill this stranger was so nice to me.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I'll be looking and paying more attention in line to help others out sometimes just being observant can really make a difference in other's lives.

    Hi Christine, thanks, oh yes once someone passes it on to me I want to do for others you are so right and it can really make all the difference.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, oh yes the small gestures are the best.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, it really is stressful not having a permanent home but I am trusting that this is the right thing to do. It really has been a long haul these last several years for us and we needed a break. I do like a good adventure tough and you seem to be just that type of person too. I hope you can gets some relief from your stresses.

    Hi Michele, thanks, you are so right and at the most opportune times.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, oh I think this lesson is one all children should be taught as the world would be a much better place for sure, good for you.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, oh it did make my day something so small and yet so big.

    Hi Rian, thanks, I remember when I was a young adult going across the golden gate bridge folks would sometimes pay for the person behind them's toll. It was always so cool.

    Hi Elaine, thanks, Oh it made my day and as mentioned it must have made her day too.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, of I had to hold back the tears but I am so glad this happened to me right now.

    Hi Elephant't Child, thanks, Oh I am hoping to adopt this as much as I can for the future.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, I am hoping to make someone else's day as often as I can.

    Hi Dee, thanks, sometimes it's easy to think to many folks are bad but this was a reminder that they aren't.

    Hi Lori, thanks, when I was a teen folks would sometimes pay for the person behind them in line at a fast food place it was really a wonderful. That quarter meant a lot to me and I am sure to her as nowadays even a quarter is a treasured amount to spend.

    Hi Connie, thanks, I am hoping to improve in helping others sometimes I get caught up too much in my own troubles and this was a good lesson for me.


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