Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Straight Talk & More Books

Jumped head first into the twenty first century this week. I got a straight talk smart phone with a non contract option. I have unlimited calls per month coverage via Verizon.

Connected my laptop via Verizon jet pack with a non contract option. So I'll be visiting you all very soon.

Latest books I've read are:

The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers
- "the war tried to kill us in the Spring"
a soldier's point of view about the war in Iraq
powerful and well written

Porch Lights by Dorothea Benton Frank
- set in the South Carolina low country
three generations are reminded of what love is

Those We Love Most by Lee Woodruff
- the complexities of marriage and family dynamics

The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier
- an English Quaker immigrates to the America
currently enjoying the 19th century point of view

Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I don't have a cell phone, mainly because I don't like being locked into those contracts. So, umm, maybe I'll give this a second look.

    What you've read seems really interesting!

  2. Thanks, I'm always looking for a good book to read.

    Welcome to the 21st century.

  3. I still don't have a cell phone, and if all goes well, I never will! I hope you have a good experience with yours.

  4. did you enjoy the Tracy Chevalier book? I have only read "The Girl with the Pearl Earring".

    I have a dumb phone. I would like a smart phone but we are always trying to save on expenses.

  5. I'd enjoy hearing how you pass the time in a tiny trailer. Any projects except reading?

  6. It's so nice to hear from you again!

    I have a really dumb phone. I buy minutes once a year with a double minute plan that I got with the phone. In RI long distance is everywhere but the next town over on a land line, so I try to use my cell phone when calling 'long distance'. I could get lots of options but I've never bothered.

    I'm putting your list on my reading list for next winter.

  7. Your reading sounds great - and it is nice to see someone else who reads across genres. Enjoy your phone - mine is MUCH smarter than I am.

  8. My phone is not smart...it is a tracpone and I use prepaid cards. it is only for emergencies.But who knows...it may be the first step to entering another technical challenge :) I hope you are having fun RVing. Your books look interesting.

  9. Have a fun!I use a tablet on the move. I can't see little screen with contact lenses in! : 0

  10. Hi Kittie, thanks, I only had a flip phone which was pay as you go which I kept for emergencies like if my car broke down but since we won't be paying for a home phone now I wanted to have one other phone in case Gary and I got separated. A pay as you go is good if you only use it occasionally.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I reading up a storm now that I don't have clay to keep me busy.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, I always kept the flip phone in case of an emergency and the home phone not working.

    Hi Michele, thanks, we are always trying to save too but without a home phone this will work out since there is no contract. I am liking all the books I'm reading if they aren't any good I don't read them.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, well we had to pack everything in the one trailer and move into the motorhome and now trying to sell the trailer then we are ready to go a post will be coming soon.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I never heard of a double minute pay as you go I'll have to research it if mine breaks. In florida our home phone had for 20 dollars more unlimited throughout the United States so that was really inexpensive, now we don't have it so hence the smart phone with unlimted per month for the cost which isn't that cheap but I think necessary as it will be our only method of communication.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, oh this phone is much smart than I am too we couldn't figure out how to answer it and kept missing calls now we know at least that. Ha.

    Hi Dee, thanks, oh it's a learning curve for sure figuring it all out.

    Hi Midori, thanks, we had to get a larger variety of a smart phone because we couldn't see the screen either. Ha.


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