Friday, June 14, 2013

Christ Church Frederica

There isn't an architecture more lovingly constructed than that of a church I think. It's definitely true of  Christ Church Frederica where worship has been continuous since 1736 and is probably the oldest church in Georgia.  The church was established at Fort Frederica on St. Simons Island by English colonists under the command of General James Oglethorpe.

The present church rebuilt in 1808 and again in 1899 is gothic in style with a tall belfry and narrow stained glass windows. Deacon Anson Green Phelps Dodge, who later became rector, built the new church as a memorial to his first wife.

Many of the stained glass windows were given in memory of loved ones. Others depict religious scenes. One of the stained glass windows in the church has been authenticated as an unsigned Tiffany.

The church is surrounded by ancient and present day graves marked by large and small headstones of granite, alabaster, and marble. 

The extensive grounds are carpeted with green grass and huge oaks hang heavy with Spanish moss. A few shrubs of azalea, camelia, and others dot the landscape. Several large gardenia were in bloom their scent held in the heavy air.

The oldest graves in the cemetary are unmarked ones known to date from 1796. The oldest marked grave located thus far is dated 1803.

We walked the grounds in the early afternoon not the best time for photographs due to the overhead sunlight.

My favorite headstone was this small gem with a sweet puppy perched on top, surely made in loving memory of someone's young child. I've told Gary I want to be cremated but after seeing this I wouldn't mind my ashes placed under some small sentiment at the base of an ancient oak.

Many old family plots were surrounded by low or high tabby walls. Tabby is a building material like cement made with lime, sand, water and crushed oyster shells.

To show you how large the oak trees on the grounds are I took this photo of Gary standing next to one. Gary is 6 foot 2 inches. I planned on Gary taking a photo of me but we forgot most likely fuzzy in our brains due to 98 degree weather and almost the same humidity. 

Remember I mentioned getting the transmission fluid changed in our RV?  Well it's leaking at the drain plug so we have to get it repaired and filled again. Since were half a day away from the first shop, we'll have to pay again for someone else to do it. Ugh. Luckily Gary noticed it leaking. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. How infuriating that the trasmission drain plug is leaking. And a real shame that you can't take it back.
    I do like old cemetaries and that looks like a beauty - and gardenia perfuming the air wouldn't go astray either.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the transmission troubles, aargh what a thing to start off with.

    I am adding St. Simons Island to my list of spots to go visit. The church is beautiful.

    Good luck with the repair.

  3. What a beautiful setting.
    Sorry to hear about the leaky transmission, hopefully it won't be too much added expense.

  4. I did a show down there a few years ago. It wasn't the best show ever but it was a very nice vacation.

  5. I forgot to send my regrets about the transmission, hopefully the next fix will be permanent.

  6. What a lovely old church!

  7. Lovely to see places I will never visit. I hope this is the last car problem for you. : )

  8. That darn transmission....hopefully it will get taken care of permanently. The church is much character and love put into the building of it. I like your idea of placing your ashes under something sentimental perhaps one of your pottery pieces...not being morbid....I plan on cremation also.

  9. Thanks all, tranny fixed on to greener pastures.

  10. geez, I hate it when people don't do their work as is needed. Glad the transmission is fixed. And, an Episcopal Church! wonderful. beautiful pictures too.


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