Sunday, June 2, 2013

Follow That Dream and Ike's Old Florida Kitchen in Yankeetown

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Yankeetown. Elvis Presley spent the summer of 1961 there for the filming of the movie Follow That DreamAs we drove down the main street lined with live oaks, cypress, cedar and pine trees we saw lots of original settler cabins and fishing houses restored to their former glory along with modern weekend and full time homes.

Several homes had rock chimneys or foundations made of limestone gathered from the landscape. Many of the homes are made of native cedar, cypress, and yellow pine.

We had a anniversary and birthday celebratory dinner at Ike's Old Florida Kitchen. The restaurant is on the banks of the Withlachochee River in Yankeetown.I had grilled quail with rice pilaf and green beans and my soup was a Manhattan clam chowder and Gary had roast duckling with smashed taters (as he calls them) and green beans and his soup was a tomato Marsala bisque. The meal was delicious. For dessert we shared at key lime pie I had the top and Gary had the bottom with the graham crust.. Ha.

We had lots of good luck yesterday. We sold our trailer. Yippee. Maybe White Rabbit really does work. They pick it up this coming Friday. Things are getting closer to our leaving.

I saw an beautiful eight foot yellow rat snake as we left our campground but didn't have my camera at the time. The snake was a golden yellow color with four brown stripes running the length of his body. He slithered across the road and into a flower bed near a large oak tree. Something I didn't realize is that a rat snake is a constrictor. Hum.

Later in our travels we also saw a black racer and a wild turkey. Images for this post were borrowed from the net. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Good times.
    What wonderful houses.
    That snake is one I have never seen.

  2. I know, I know...some snakes are helpful, but ewwwww....

  3. Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!
    Great that the trailer is going Have you made a decision about the boat?
    I know snakes do good but they still freak me out!
    Happy Trails!

  4. Hi Meredith, thanks, good times for sure.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, the coloring was so beautiful in person then when I read they are constrictors I envisioned a rat being squeezed, Ugh.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, oh we sold the boat right close to the end and yesterday we were sorry we didn't have it to use on that part of the river. Oh Well we'll get another one one day.

  5. Congrats on selling your trailer so quickly.

    I like snakes at a distance... i know there are lots of good ones, but they still startle me!

  6. Black snakes and garter snakes up here are enough for me, although I'm sure there are more.

  7. Happy birthday and anniversary! Your celebratory dinner sounds lovely...and eating out is so much fun. Congrats on sale of little trailer...waiting for pics of your new abode!

  8. Your celebration dinner sounds nice, I took a look at their varied menu, pretty interesting. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday. Hub's birthday is tomorrow. How nice that you sold your trailer. Things are moving right along, aren't they?

    Reptiles creep me out...I jumped when I saw that photo. See I can't even type the s name...he he

  9. How wonderful that you sold your trailer. Your celebration dinner sounded great - and soon, soon you will be on your way.

  10. The rat snake is rather pretty but I would still stay away from it.

  11. congrats on the big sale- yes!
    And, I can't say beautiful and snake in the same sentence. when I see snakes, they catch my breath. :(

  12. Hi Michele, thanks, oh I didn't get too close as I guess they all will bite if cornered even if they aren't poisonous but it was so unusual to see that coloring on a snake.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, Gary and I were intrigued how a snake can move up a straight surface.

    Hi Barb, thanks, I am trying to figure out how to downsize the photos on this computer so I don't use up too much space on the blog, one of these days soon I hope.

    Hi Barb, thanks, oh I kept my distance of the snake but still they are fascinating.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, soon I hope for sure.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, the color was beautiful glistening in the sun.

    Hi Amy, thanks, I try to appreciate all the living things even if I am a bit squeamish, now roaches or palmetto bugs no thanks. Ha.


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