Sunday, June 23, 2013

Strange Things & Chai Pani in Asheville

After eating at Chai Pani in Asheville the other day, I now find myself smitten with East Indian food. Today I purchased three different East Indian condiments to try cooking something similar at home. At Chai Pani I had red chicken curry and Gary had Sloppy Kai (Keeme Pav) a lamb hash burger with a side of shoestring masala fries. Both dishes were wonderful. The red curry has heat which comes on slow. They serve it with a yoghurt cucumber sauce on the side which will calm the heat on the palate if need be. We both had a lime rickey to drink, a combination of raspberry, lime and soda water. We happened to go to Chai Pani because my friend Amy mentioned it was her favorite restaurant in Asheville. I've dubbed Asheville a little San Francisco complete with steep streets, lots of shops and restaurants, and trolley cars. Gary wanted to get out of town quickly; he hates cities and all the traffic. I'll have to go back without him real soon.

Just finished this mystery about strange things happening in the Applachian Blue Ridge area. Didn't know it was about that area till I started reading it. Ha. Strange happenings indeed.

Out my RV window I spotted this beautiful but strange looking dog with perfectly marked black and white feet. Apparently the dog was born blind and is also allergic to grass so the owners put socks on him when they take him for a walk. My photo isn't the greatest since the dog kept moving but I thought all four of his paws were naturally black and white till I knew about his allergy. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Between your last post and this, it seems you're having a great time exploring and eating some great food! I love East Indian and miss those restaurants in Santa Fe.

    I love old dilapidated buildings (last post) and think they're the best photo opps.

  2. I love Asheville and my visit there was way too short. Did you get out to the River Arts District? Lot's of galleries, artist studios, and great beer at the Wedge Brewery.

  3. Funny dog! I just found Kay Hooper has 80+ books in our library system, and I've never read her. Thanks for the info! Glad you enjoyed our area! We're having the best weather imaginable!

  4. Yeah! Chai Pani- and I love the Lime Ricky drink there too. Forgot to mention that- glad you got one. Gosh, now I'm REALLY missing asheville. What other Asheville places have you discovered? I'm always on the lookout for other ones. If your travels bring you close to Seagrove, please msg. me on fb. Would be great to see you!

  5. I adore Indian food - and we often cook it. And the left-overs have if anything more flavour than the day it was cooked. Yum.
    Love the dog, and will hunt out for Kay Hooper books (when my to-read pile shrinks a little).
    I am so glad that you seem to be having a WONDERFUL time.

  6. Hi Teresa, thanks, we are finally winding down from all the stress of moving and no vacations for so long. It does take a while.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I'll probably have to go back without Gary he just isn't a city person. Ha.

    Hi Amy, thanks, we just went there and to a builder and then Gary was ready to get to the country, I'll have to go back myself.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I just made some Indian food last night and will have leftovers today looking forward to it. The owner's of the dog throw a ball for him and he listens to where it lands and fetches it even though he is blind it's amazing.

  7. My Frank would enjoy trying the new foods of your travels. It is nice to know the dog has a loving and compassionate owner.


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