Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tiny Green Tree Frogs

On the way to my eye doctor's appointment this morning I tried to push visions of the worst out of my mind. When we drove into the parking lot we parked at the back of the lot near a forest of trees. I opened the door of Gary's truck and heard a chorus of green tree frogs. They were so loud I couldn't get a thought in edgewise even if I wanted to. Those frogs were music to my ears and solace to my soul. I could have sat in the parking lot all day and listened to their sweet croaking chorus. But I forced myself to go inside to see what was what with my eyes. Gary waited in the car with a book to read.

First I had a comprehensive eye test by the nursing assistant; she was so wonderful; listening to my fears, medical history and all. So sad to say, I can't remember her name, I must remedy that. I was so caught up in my own thoughts and fears. She was down to earth and calmed my negative feelings so well I felt a bit of calm coming over myself. After my tests which showed my pressure was different (less) than the day before I waited till my eyes dilated for the next portion of my tests. Apparently eye pressure can change just like blood pressure changes on different days and different times. Next I met the doctor; he looked into the back of my eyes at the optic nerves which will show any potential damage from glaucoma.

Then I had retinal photographs taken of the back of my eye further check for any damage and to establish a baseline for the future. I have to go back in three months for more tests and to see if any changes have occurred. After checking with the doctor, we plan to leave on our trip next week and return in the early Fall. I left feeling a whole lot better about my eyes. I may stop along the way and have someone else check my eye pressures just to assuage my worries.

After we left we went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Since my eyes were dilated Gary did the shopping while I waited in the car. On the windshield a small green frog hopped up from beneath the cowl where the wind shield wipers are housed. I jumped out of the car and captured him and put him at the base of a pine tree.

Next we went to Shelly's Fish Market in Homosassa and got some fresh fish to eat for the week. When we got our ice chest out of the back of Gary's truck we saw a tiny green frog in the back. Gary got him out of the truck and put him beside a tree. We drove around and paid a few bills and headed back to our RV at the campground. We sat outside to relax a little and review the day's events. I asked Gary to get my lawn chair out of the truck and he pulled it out. On the side of the chair was another green frog resting. I caught him and put him at the base of an oak tree near our RV.

When I catch one of those tiny green frogs they're so scared; they try to hop away as quickly as they can. I hold each one gently and whisper that's it's ok.  Each frog wants to climb way up high. I let each frog go at the base of a tree. Sometimes I feel like a tiny green frog; I want to climb way up high. I have dreams and fears like a tiny green frog. I'm so happy to know all of you who've encouraged me to climb up and away from my fears and tribulations of life. What's life without tiny green frogs and all of you to encourage me. I hope in turn I can encourage other's around me to have hope.

It just so happens here on the Gulf Cost we're expecting lots of rain and winds today and tomorrow from tropical storm Andrea. We've battened down the hatches and hopefully we'll wade through the approaching storm as we sit on the banks of the Withlachoochee River (probably not the best location with a risk of flooding). We hope to leave next week on our trip. More later. (images borrowed from the net) Thanks for reading and for all your comments..


  1. I am so very happy for you. Or do I mean 'hoppy'. I love that the frogs were there at every step of your frightening journey today. They would have soothed my heart and mind too.

  2. Really looking forward to your travel adventures. Oooh and stay dry...

  3. I am so pleased that you are able to go away on your travels as you had so hoped to do. Good too,that the medical people were able to be so helpful in explaining things with your eyes. It makes such a difference when doctors and nurses take the time to help us understand what is going wrong, and the sort of things that can be done about it. The green frog is so tiny. I always feel quite moved by the perfect little hands that frogs have. Anyway, best wishes from us in NZ Pxx

  4. Kind nurses and doctors make all the difference in glad that the news is better than expected.....and that you will be able to travel!

    Love the tree frog story. When they come out they certainly are abundant. Our variety looks more like lichen....I think it's a camoflage survival thing.

    Happy trails!

  5. those frogs were definitely telling you something! i do hope that you are planning a stop in Seagrove, during your travels.

  6. I'm so glad to know that the pressure was less in this exam. I still have my fingers crossed for you. No matter what the diagnoses I expect you will continue to clime high and soar.

  7. Good luck and best wishes, Linda!!!

  8. Linda, so glad you have hope and found a compassionate doctor and nurse. The frogs came to give you love and support. I have had visitations of cows and crows in my life. The universe loves you and your readers love you and wish you health and peace.I am sending you a link of good health and travels and joy. May the green frogs accompany you to the place you need to be. Joan T

  9. Are you sure it hasn't been raining frogs already ????

  10. Oh, Linda, green frogs are good luck for travelers! I was so excited to read about them coming into your life right when you needed them most...

  11. What a wonderful post! I'm glad you're outlook is better and that you have lots of little green frogs to brighten your life along the way.

  12. the little frogs are indeed tiny...and cute. So pleased to hear you can continue your travels and that your fears have eased. Hopefully the storm will not be a problem. take care.

  13. Hi Linda, just popping over from Gigi's blog in Hawaii, and wanted to wish you well. Glad to hear the news was positive.
    An English Girl Rambles

  14. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, well I hope all is ok while I'm gone I may stop at an optometrist along the way and get the pressures checked again.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, just weathered Andrea, hopefully dry and dusty for the trip.

    Hi Peter, thanks, yes the kind folks make all the difference, I've had a few doctors who left a lot to be desired. Ha.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, oh the tree frogs are so cute they can squeeze through the smallest places.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes we'll stop not sure if on the way up or down.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I hope it all works out.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, can't wait to officially be on vacation. Ha.

    Hi Joan, thanks for your kind words and thoughts and vibes, ah the green frogs.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, I think it must have been raining frogs they are everywhere and lots of lizards too.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, of I didn't know they were good luck for travelers. Ha. wonderful.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, lots of green frogs and actually all the critters and beauty of the earth.

    Hi Dee, thanks, they are so small I am amazed they don't get squished. I have to be careful when I pick them up because I am afraid I'll hurt them.

    Hi Denise, thanks for stopping by and for your kind wishes.

  15. Got back from the grocery store today and there was green frog on the bumper of my car, so wonderful to see him there and wonder if he had been there the whole afternoon of errands.

  16. wow- beautiful green frog! so small. just now catching up on blogs. so sorry to hear about your glaucoma. I am prone to it too- hereditary! :( my dad ended up having glaucoma surgery and did so well. gosh, how we need universal healthcare! lately, i've chosen not to worry about things--- and maybe patience has become my middle name. :) want to join me in that? I've found it helps me worry less. take care!


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