Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Dream, Backwards and Yet...

My back went out the other day just bending over shaking the kitchen drain plug into the trash can. A small pop and I knew I was in trouble. Sometimes the smallest movement can throw a back out.  Gary quickly got the ice pack and put it on my back. Later lying prone with nothing active but my mind, I sank into the depths of despair. It has been so long since my back went out I thought I was done with that part of my health problems, One must be careful all the time with a bad back. Luckily a day or two with ice and rest and I am almost back to normal. I am thanking my lucky stars I didn't have months, even years, of recovery like I did previously with the back and other issues. Moving forward at a very careful pace I am hoping all will be back to normal.

Then yesterday Gary spilled a glass of wine on the laptop. OMG first I drop the smart phone in water and then the laptop takes a hit, more dollars down the drain. I quickly wiped the spill up and hoped for the best. So far it looks like only the keyboard is inoperative and I can get a replacement part which is on order. I have plugged in a separate keyboard which I purchased (it's waterproof) to utilize the computer.

When I was a child, probably in my pre-teens, I had a recurring dream. I had the dream over and over again for many years. How many years I can't remember now; but I do remember the dream to this day, just like it was yesterday.

I was walking through a forest on my way somewhere. At the time I had the feeling the trip was important and I had to get there without wasting any time. I'd been walking on the path for what seemed like a very long time. I was getting very tired and thought I wasn't making enough progress. I came to a small clearing in the forest and there was a tunnel. For some reason I thought the tunnel might be a short cut. I decided to take the short cut instead of the path through the forest. I started through the tunnel and walked and walked. I didn't seem to be getting to where I wanted to go any faster through the tunnel. After a long, long time, I thought I might have made the wrong choice. I decided to walk back to the beginning of the tunnel and take the path through the forest. I walked and walked back and back, retracing my steps. I walked much further back through the tunnel than I'd come and eventually I realized I'd never get back to the beginning of the tunnel.

At that point in the dream being totally frustrated, full of despair, I'd wake up. Over and over again I had that dream for many years.

While I was laid up with my back I mulled over quite a few ideas about future clay work I plan to do. So onward and upward, backwards some of the time and yet, there is always forward movement, even if not apparent at the time. Ideas for the future keep me going and motivated. (Images borrowed from the net for illustrative purposes). Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. The illustrations are as frightening as the dream, I do believe. I am so sorry about your back, from the bottom of my heart. Take time to recover.

  2. So sorry about your back...take care and time to recover. I had a recurring dream too...lasted for years. Sometimes when I'm driving around, I still look for the place.

  3. Interesting dream. Sorry about back...and you are doing all the right things to let it get better. Can't wait to hear your ideas about clay again...even before you start making anything. If you're near Asheville this weekend, the Southern Highlands Crafts fair is full of inspiring things! (But it does have lots of walking...mmm there may be some wheelchairs though!)

  4. Not that you need a wheelchair...just in case!

  5. Sorry about you back....wish I knew how to interpret your dream. I love the road view in your side mirror.

  6. oh gosh, hope you're continuing to feel better. Hated reading that! I sometimes forget to bend down with my legs instead of my back, ugh! yes, southern highlands craft fair! It's simply amazing, but lots of walking on concrete..., I think. take care!

  7. I have that dream too, or versions of it (though the tunnels/paths/passages get smaller and smaller ... very Lewis Carrol but in a horrible way!). Or keying numbers into a phone or ATM and constantly getting them wrong and having to start over, with the pressure ever mounting. So annoying to have the same anxieties expressed recurringly!! But strangely I get them when waking life is coasting along nicely without a care in the world ... I think my subconscious is just trying to balance things out!
    Hope your back mends quickly Linda.

  8. I know what you mean about that type of recurring injury and dream. Hope your back continues to improve!Take it really easy and rest, cher!

  9. I hope your back is getting better! The dream was very meaningful, no wonder you still remember it...

  10. Sorry to hear your back is giving you trouble, hope you'll be fully better soon. I've suffered alot too this year with lower back pain .. in the end I decided it was throwing at the wheel causing it and bought a back support belt (usually used for weight training). Since then it's improved alot, touch wood. I've had similar dreams too, perhaps they are something to do with the fear of not realising one's goals?

  11. Thanks all, so far so good with my back; I will check out the Southern Highlands Craft Fair this weekend, thanks for letting me know.

    Oh Barbara and Amy, thanks to let me know about the wheelchairs, ha I did use them when I had my back go out in California, at wally world and Lowes and when I went to the Southern Pines blog clay show in North Carolina I went to the zoo and knew I couldn't walk all those miles so we rented a wheel chair there and Gary pushed me through the zoo, Glad I did because the Asheboro zoo is worth going to.

    Sometimes in life we have to swallow our pride and do what's necessary to get along. I've had to swallow a lot of pride for quite a number of years now and it hasn't been easy.

    Mark my sister suggested I get a back brace also, I'll check into getting one, thanks,

    The recurring dreams are amazing, and I now interrupt that dream as meaning you can never go back in life only forward but also about not realzing ones life time dreams and goals or at least thinking that one is not realizing them

    Oh Georgia, my computer keyboard was doing that when the keyboard went out. ha. at least I knew why, I guess our frustrations in life are worked out in our dreams.

    Oh yes Varda Sharon Kramer, no wonder I remember it, just recalled it again when I thought of this post.

    Oh Marguerite, thanks, I am taking things slowly and keeping my fingers crossed.

    Hi Turquisemoon, amazing how vivid our dreams can be and so realistic, looking for the place in real life that too is amazing.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, oh you have no idea how I suffered when I used to have that dream in my childhood, so frustrating at the time.

    Hi Dee, thanks, looking back but really looking forward hopefully.

  12. How interesting! I read going through a tunnel in the dream is often caused physiologically in our bodies during dream. I think it was something with receptors in sight. It says that lots of people experience similar dreams.

    Glad to know that your back didn't get serious trouble. Take care! :)

  13. Tunnel dreams are also about birthing, and given all the changes you are having in your life, this may also be about birthing the NEW you. Absent back issues!

  14. I hope you have a speedy recovery, Linda. Back pain is no laughing matter. David had surgery on his herniated disc in 1978 and felt better almost immediately. Good luck to you.

  15. Very interesting dream. What it means to you is probably the most important thing about it.

    I'm glad the back is recovering nicely. I hope it continues to improve.

  16. I'm glad the back issue was short lived this time. I've had mine seize up while just reaching for the toothpaste! Sometimes when our backs insist that we take it easy, we can rest and think, and re-fill the well, as it were. Interesting about the recurring dream...tunnels, doorways, new beginnings maybe.

  17. What a relief that your back problems appear to be short lived. I know you will take it easy and be careful, but I hope you still are able to enjoy all the many new places and things your are doing.
    Dreams can be so odd. The most innocuous things can be seen as life threatening in dreams.
    I had a recurring dream that scared the crap out of me until as an adult when I was in the middle of it it said, "Oh crap it's that stupid dream again!" I woke up and have never had it since.

  18. Glad to hear your back is feeling better. Recurring dreams are fascinating, and usually full of meaning.

  19. Hi. I'm new to your blog and love it. I'll definitely be back again.
    I can relate to your dream, had a similar one for many years. I came to the conclusion that the dream symbolized my feeling lost, feeling overwhelmed with all that I was going through for for so many years. Once I got on top of things it got better. Your dream may not mean that at all; just sharing.
    I am sorry about your back.Having had back surgery two years ago I can really relate. The surgery got me out of my wheelchair. I'm doing well now but have to be very careful, extra cautious about how I do things.
    Take care. I'll probably come back later to take a more leisurely stroll through your blog. You are a very talented lady; do beautiful work. I'd love it if you'd stop by my Let's Chat blog sometime.

  20. I'm glad your back is getting better. I used to have a recurring dream when I was young and then it changed a bit to another house bu similar dream. It seems to come when I feel like I am not making any progress forward. There are definitely messages in them.

    Enjoy the show this weekend, you'll see lots of great art!

  21. Hi Midori, thanks, several folks have mentioned about tunnels being in dreams, I am always happy when I can remember my dreams.

    Hi Christine, thanks, well I hope I can birth some new works soon.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I wish they had found out I had bad discs much earlier in my life because I wouldn't have done so much heavy work afterwards.

    Hi Lori, thanks, yes the dreams our our own subconscious working out problems.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, it is strange how the simpliest movement can tweak a back.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I often wake up at the end of something scary but rarely have the repetitive dreams thank goodness.

    Hi Michele, thanks, so full of meaning for sure.

    Hi Barb, thanks, it is amazing that the brain is still thinking when we are sleeping, so much mystery yet to be discovered, thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Jennie, thanks, working out the stresses in life via our dreams, thank goodness for them. I too dream more when I think I am not making progress.

  22. I hurt my knee installing a tile shower last week. Tiling involves lots of kneeling and squatting and is hard on aging knees.
    Just reading about your back reminds me that I need to take a couple of days off and let my joints recover. My tendency is to just push on, but I do know better.

  23. Hi Barb, thanks, I think our bodies tell us to slow down; in the past I have been like you and kept pushing on and now sometimes I pay for that I think it's important to keep in balance, if only I knew what I know now then. Ha. but what can we do.


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