Monday, July 1, 2013

Carolina Flora

We've been here just about two weeks and I find myself falling love with the countryside of the Carolinas. The area I am talking of is Upstate South Carolina and the Hendersonville area of North Carolina. Beautiful rolling hills and luscious greens abound everywhere. There are Japanese maples, multi hued evergreens and dogwoods in every landscaped yard it seems. And the blue hydrangeas and gardenias are blooming in profusion. I'm especially enamored with all the native plants growing here and there in abundance. Much of the land does not seem to be hampered with the invasion of non native plants from what I can see. Except of course the occasional mimosa and some areas of kudzu but it's not everywhere as it seems to be in many low lying areas of many states. Perhaps the winter cold here holds it at bay.

Peering into the woods here and there I see so many flowering plants blooming in abundance. Orange day lilies line just about every roadside ditch and there is profusion of queen anne's lace. Today I spotted this orange beauty and I have no idea what it is but I just love it. Do you know what it is? I would have gotten out of my car to take a closer look at the leaves but there was no where to pull off the road safely. You know this looks like a butterfly weed. Could it be? I also spotted a blue salvia a little farther along the road but neglected to stop again to take a photo. I may have to pick up a book of native plants for this area to learn all I wish I knew. I guess we're expecting more rain storms today. Good I got a fix of the outdoors while I could. White rabbit to you all. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. That looks truly beautiful - and would have won my heart too.
    White rabbits your way too.

  2. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, that orange was really vibrant as I drove by much more so than it appear in the photo.

  3. White Rabbit for you too Linda.
    Not a plant I know myself. Isn't it interesting how a carefully cultivated plant in one area is a weed somewhere else? Shasta daisies have become a weed here and also a lily we call November Lily. You have some lovely native flowers over there.

  4. I just don't understand why those civil engineers don't design pull off's into their roads so we can get out an look at flowers and barns and vistas to our heart's content.

  5. I recall really loving that area when we were thinking of moving there. White rabbit..I always think of you when saying it, as I first heard of it from you. Happy Days to you and Gary.

  6. Some really beautiful shrubs and flowers thrive in the south. It's one of the reasons I love living here.

  7. I have no clue what the orange flower is. There is so much of this state that I want to explore, someday I will have the time and the money to do it!

  8. Could not reply to email. Yes, Corn Pone and Chitlins are both very good southern dishes but the term corn pone can be used negatively.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. the orange flowers do attracted butterflies- I need to look them up. I have seen them for sale, but I know they are native to NC- so are many of those ditch lilies, as they are called here.
    Watch out you are growing roots.

  10. white rabbit??? I'm clueless....
    yes, I love living in NC, especially Western NC. Wonder if you've been up to the Blue Ridge Parkway yet. Beautiful sights there too.

  11. Your orange weed is Asclepias, or milkweed. Very good host plant for beneficials.

  12. Love looking for wildflowers. I'm with Joanne--we need pullouts so we can stop and get a good look.
    Happy July, Linda!

  13. I think that is Butterflyweed. It grows wild along side the road but I can't get it to grow in my yard. I really like it.
    You really are in the sweet spot of the nation. Just beautiful country.

  14. Wild flowers are always such an unexpected gift!

  15. If frank was nit ill I would be so tempted to do what you and your husband are doing.:)

  16. interesting that Growin's Granny said milkweed, and Arkansas Patti said Butterfly weed, because I just read Barbara Kingsolvers novel, Flight Behavior, about Monarch butterfly migration. Apparently Monarchs seek out milkweed, at least that is what the novel said!

  17. Hi Anna, thanks, I've always liked the perennials since they come back every year without having to replant and many of those here seem to grow wild. I guess they all had to originally come from some where.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, oh yes we should all be so lucky, but no telling where all the wildflowers will be in advance but still.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, yes this area is wonderful but I am wondering how cold the winters will be, Ha.

    Hi Lori, thanks, you are so right, I think it must be the humidity and the rainfall all months of the year.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yeah the money for sure I just read that fuel tax is going up in this state. Ugh

    Hi Gail, thanks, yes could be negatively but I meant it as a food, thanks for coming by here. My email should work but you'd have to type it into your email program as I get lots of emails via the blog.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, ditch lilies oh what a name for such pretty flowers.

    Hi Amy, thanks, we are headed up there this week after the holiday.

    Hi Growin Granny, thanks, I guess the common name is butterfly weed or mildweed, I grew it in my California gardens but it wasn't as nice as this wild variety.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, we need lots of pull outs many of the roads here are quite narrow and curvy, rather scary sometimes.

    Hi Patti, thanks, the one I grew in California was rather sparse too.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, definitely unexpected gifts abound here.

    Hi Dee, thanks, oh you would find so many places to take photos of around here, I wish you and Frank well and do appreciate all you show us through your blog.

    Hi Michele, thanks, the milkweed and butterfly weed are one and the same, just two common names, I guess that's why the botanical names are better for identification as there is no mistaken identies. Ha. I'll have to check out that book.


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