Sunday, July 21, 2013

Connecting, Clay and Heritage

Yesterday we drove to Asheville to see the Southern Highlands Craft Guild show. Mind you I had to twist Gary's arm to go. He routinely tells me he doesn't like art. I know different but I somehow get him to go along.

After we walked the length and breath of all the booths in the the show and were about to leave, I asked Gary which work he liked the best. Gary said he was drawn to some ceramic boat shaped pieces. I said let's go back for another look.

Gary said he was drawn to some ceramic boat inspired pieces in a booth we'd passed earlier. I asked Gary why he was drawn to the pieces. He said it was because they reminded him of minimalist Scandinavian designs. I said let's go back and have a second look.

That's how we met Heather Allen Hielata. When we went back to see the work Gary noticed Heather's last name and recognized it as Finnish in origin. Somehow Gary innately knew Heather's work was influenced or inspired by a connection to Finland. Turns out Heather's family is from the same town Gary's mother grew up in near Boston, the town of Fitchburg. That's Heather and Gary in Heather's booth at the show.

As we were driving back to our RV Gary said I guess I do like art. Now I'm wondering about all the complaining I've heard from him about not wanting to go to art fairs over the years. Somehow I knew he liked art, he just needed to feel a connection to the art. Thanks Heather we had a wonderful time visiting with you, especially since Gary now admits he likes art. Ha. This post is part of Mud Colony what's happening in the studio. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I bet that was a nice show.
    My daughter graduated from Fitchburg State College! It was about a 45 minute drive from where we were living in Southern NH.

  2. It is a nice show. My cousins lived in Fitchburg for a long time. Less than an hour south of where I grew up!

    glad that Gary found some inspiring art, might make the next show easier to convince him to go!!

  3. I never cease to be amazed--it's a small, small world.

  4. It looks like a wonderful show. I am glad that Gary could finally admit (to himself since you knew it already) that he does like art.

  5. Lovely show and post, Linda. It is good that you asked Gary about what art he is drawn to and why. And then to go back and speak with the artist---what a nice experience and revelation!
    I read your prior post and hope your back is better, too.

  6. I think most people like art that makes them feel a connection. It may be a really obvious connection or much more subtle but it is about relating.

  7. Gary is funny! : ) Mike hadn't visited galleries except for school trips before we met. He is a science museum-type! : D Now he enjoys visit to galleries and art fairs, as much as I do. ; )

  8. So glad Gary got connected to his artistic self. I think you both will have some more gallery time together.

  9. Hi Michele, thanks, oh it is a small world isn't it.

    Hi Jennie, thanks, I am hoping it will be easier to convince him, and I have his disclosure to remind him. Ha.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, I am amazed that I thought to ask him, sometimes I just get caught up in my own thoughts about what I am observing in a show.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I am beginning to realize about the connections more and more and learning more about art from both the beholders point of view as well as the artists.

    Hi Midori, thanks, all this time I have been oping that Gary would catch the art bug still hoping.

    Hi Dee, thanks, funny thing Gary is always doodling on magazines and newspapers so I just know he has an artistic bent inside himself.

  10. Hi Joanne, thanks, I too am always amazed at the connections we can make with strangers.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, sometimes I think Gary just likes to rib me about art and therefore sticks to his opinion even if it is a bit strained. Ha.

  11. I have to admit that I loved the boat inspired pieces myself...right down to the little paddles! Very nice! Maybe there is hope for my husband...if I find something he can relate to....hmmmm...wonder if anyone is doing anything agricultural? hahaha

  12. You raise a good point. A viewer must feel a connection to the art. It may be shape, colour, product. But a connection none the less.

  13. Hi Brenda, thanks, check out Kip O Crongley's work

    Hi John, thanks, yes it can be just the theme or color to match a decor but the connection is the key, could be a connection to the potter as well.

  14. very nice work and how nice to find that connection for Gary too :^)

  15. Hi Linda and Gary,

    I enjoyed meeting and talking with you and Gary at the Fair. Thank you for posting our meeting and images of my work. I have forwarded this on to my relatives in Luneburg, MA to see is there is a connection. As I mentioned many of the older generation have passed on. I hope all is well.

    Enjoy this Labor Day weekend,
    Heather Allen Hietala


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