Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Holy Cow it's a Divco

The other day in downtown Hendersonville the streets were blocked off for a gathering of Divco trucks. Divco stands for Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company. Divco trucks were produced from 1926 to 1986 and now the trucks are highly collectible. Following are some photos from the show.

The Divco Club of America has a more complete history of the vehicle, follow the links for more information.

Holy Cow it's a Divco. This guy was glad to pose for us in his uniform complete with his milk carrier.
I love the name of the company Butter Brother's Dairy.

Gary's grandfather was a dairy farmer in New Hampshire and his uncle delivered milk in Cranberry New Jersey up until 15 years ago. Gary's uncle retired at the ripe old age of 75 after delivering milk for more than 40 years. We were glad to take advantage of seeing so many Divco trucks in one location.
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  1. I remember those trucks. What fun.

  2. Beautiful trucks.Wouldn't that be the greatest way to haul pots to an art fair?

  3. So fun to see them...I think we have given up cuteness in our today vehicle design.

  4. That really looks like fun. Totally cute trucks.

  5. Sweet looking vans! How nice to see unexpected things while you travel!

  6. My grandfather delivered milk and ice at one time in NH, perhaps he knew Gary's grandfather! I hope you are enjoying Hendersonville. We love it there. If Never Blue is still there, we had wonderful tapas there. Looks like you are really making the most of your time and enjoying yourselves.


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