Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crabby Confessions to a Happy Paper Towel Day

Perhaps it's the stars or the meteorites or the moon but I've been a bit crabby. If you asked Gary he'd say a lot crabby. Gary said he now knows why I've been crabby. He says it's because I haven't had any clay to work on. He is partially correct for sure. Working with clay I can get lost in no thought at all and all the irritations of life melt away. I do miss my old studio and being able to work there. Funny I am now really appreciating what I had now that I don't have it any more.

I confess we have been seriously looking for a new place to live. I thought we'd have found a place by now.  I thought I'd have something to share with you all. But alas that has not happened. Either the home is too expensive, too old, needs too much work, too steep a lot, or it's in North Carolina which isn't favorable for us tax wise. Not to mention all the houses we've looked at have been one's I've found. What do real estate agents do these days? Why can't they find us a place. They are all so busy with their meetings and appointments which have nothing to do with real estate.

We even bought a few power ball tickets thinking if we had a little more money we could find a place we really liked. I feel guilty even telling you all this because there are so many folks who don't have homes and have no prospect of having one. Woe is me.

Tomorrow we're moving to a state park where we won't have internet or phone access at our camp so that will limit my looking for a new home. I've stocked up on a few novels to read but since I am a fast reader I may run out of books. I feel like I am spinning my wheels and getting no where fast. Then there is more rain predicted and driving in it is very stressful when you aren't familiar with the road.

We plan on going to New Hampshire but didn't want to drive the motorhome up there due to the fuel costs and the risk driving in more traffic and getting into an accident. And there are the cats, what to do with them. Two of them are so old I hate to board them, not sure they would do well at all being caged up. Maybe we could rent a place but who wants to rent to someone with three cats. Well anyway this was just a short note to let you know what's happening behind the scenes. Blah, blah, blah. You can substitute an 'itch' after the b.

Oh Gary just opened up a package of paper towels full of quotes:

A good laugh is the sunshine in a home.
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
There's a whole lot to be thankful for if you take the time to look.
No two gardens are the same.
No two days are the same in one garden.
The flowers of all tomorrows are the seeds of today.

At a moment's notice, it's gone from crabby confessions to a happy paper towel day. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Linda, I totally agree with you about real estate agents! In the office that I left in NH, agents were not looked upon favorably if they didn't attend all the meetings and classes that were held each week. My partner and I didn't have time for them... we were too busy selling. We used to joke, "Are we the only agents selling houses in this office?"!
    I hope that you find the right home soon. Being in limbo would make me crabby as well.

  2. Oh my, now I know why I haven't heard from you in a while. I was hoping you were out there enjoying your vacation. But you're working on home-finding. I do have a good agent but she works here in Black Mountain, and you said you want elsewhere. I hope you find just the right place, and will enjoy reading your books. Thanks for the quotes...I needed that!

  3. I wonder why you did not apply for a reverse mortgage on your house. We did. With a reverse, you no longer have a mortgage, and you have cash, and you get to stay in your house until you die mortgage-free.

  4. I do hope that you find a home, somewhere to nest, to work clay, to breathe. Soon.

  5. Sometimes the silliest, little things will change a mood.
    I hope you find a new house soon. Yes, there are others out there who are in great need, but that doesn't alleviate your need to have a place of your own, with space for clay, kitties and life.

  6. Can't you just slip over the border into Tennessee,into the Cherokee National Forest. But I suppose all those mountain homes I remember are sky high now. Good luck; I think houses are like cats; they show up.

  7. put an itch behind the B...LOL...i would like to find those paper towels...they are cool. I know how you feel about your art being where you can go to and have your problems melt away...I would be lost with out my pen and paper to doodle on or my camera. You do need to find a home is just around the next bend. :)

  8. I could do with some of those paper towels, what a great idea! I was feeling crabby this morning, but I took my sketch book out of hibernation and did some drawing at the beach. I haven't done that for such a long time, and..., after a really bad beginning, someone appeared from nowhere and talked to me for ages... (I was extra crabby when they turned up, but ended up really enjoying the talk). When they went away, I had another go at drawing, and it actually worked quite well. I felt so much better when I had finished, and all the crabby feelings,... well they just walked sideways out to sea on their funny robot legs! Kind thoughts to you, hope you do find your home soon. Peter xx

  9. Looking for a house is very stressful so it's understandable if one gets crabby. Philosophical paper towels--how handy! Sending good thoughts that a perfect house is around the corner ;)

  10. I'm really touched that you are so considerate of your elderly cats. I also have an elderly cat and I wouldn't dare to put her in a kennel. She wouldn't eat and her arthritis would make her so miserable I don't think she would ever be the same. You have your priorities straight!

  11. I do understand that it is hard to find a good house. I once had a similar experience after the 1995 great earthquake. Since buying a home is generally a long-term commitment, I think there are so many considerations to be needed. I agree with Joanne! I also think that houses are like cats, they show up!!
    Good luck to both of you!

  12. thanks all I have every limited internet service so I'll be back to visiting you and commenting regularly soon.


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