Saturday, September 21, 2013

Greenwood Studio Tours

First stop on the Greenwood area studio tours was Martha Peddicord, Earth Works Studio in Ninety Six, SC. Martha converted her former horse stable and an adjacent building into her studio.

 Martha showed us her studio layout for working and teaching classes.

Next Carolyn Genders critiqued a group of small pitchers Martha has been working on.

We all had a great time talking out the trials and tribulations of pottery making.

The next studio tour was Laura Bachinski at Bell House Pottery.

Laura showed the hump molded jar she was currently working on. Laura had carved an intricate pattern on the top portion of the jar.

Laura converted a small log shed behind her home into her current studio. Laura specializes in outdoor bells and showed us how she puts the two bell parts together.

Laura talked about her love of carving in her work and we admired her new red glaze which breaks to green, blue and blackish brown, lovely.

Later Carolyn Genders suggested Laura make sketches in a variety of patterns to vary the patterns she normally works with. Next we broke for lunch at the Mill House Restaurant in Greenwood.

After lunch the next tour was in Greenwood at the Partners In Clay studio where a small group of potters work in a group studio, including Dohnna Boyajian, Beverly Burton, Phyllis Collins, Hannah Poe, and Colleen Tebo.

Above are some random shots of the potter's at their studio and some of their work. This post is part of Mud Colony what's happening in the studio. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Oh my, gorgeous studios and inspiring.

  2. Having a place to work is so important. Lovely studios.

  3. Sounds like a grand day. Oh I love the photos of those spoon and other utensils. Wow.

  4. Those are some good looking studios with equally good looking work. Are you thinking of settling in the area? It looks pretty ideal.

  5. is this the area that you will look for a home? You would be in good company.

  6. Lovely, simply lovely, things.

  7. Visiting those studio and you all have me wishing I had a studio, we have been looking down there and in the Anderson area for just the right place, hopefully soon, I am about to go stark raving mad living in a motorhome all this time. I had a vision in my mind of traveling but I need a home base too, Gary he doesn't care but I seem to need my nest. hopefully soon.

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  9. I have a feeling you are going to have a wonderful studio....

  10. I love your pieces----I especially like 27 Windows and the Empty Purse. I hope you find a beautiful place to call home in SC!


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