Thursday, November 28, 2013

Double Thanks on Thanksgiving

Double thanks on this Thanksgiving Day. I'm thankful for all the fellow bloggers I've met through my blog getting to know you all via the net. I'm also thankful to be alive and be thrilled by the simple things I come across each day even these twin fabric turkeys I saw the other day in a gift shop. Thanks for reading and for all your comments and hope you all have a healthy and happy day of thanks.


  1. Thanks to you, Linda, for continuing to blog in all your travels.

    Your blog was one of the reasons I began blogging.

    A happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Linda!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and Gary and the Kittie Kids as well.

  4. Love those fabric turkeys.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too.

  5. Thank you Linda for sharing your adventures in life and clay. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Gary!

  6. I hope yours was happy and I hope you get to be thankful for a new home very soon.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Linda. I love that figurine you photographed in the previous post.

  8. I hope you have had a fine thanksgiving and have a nice weekend.


  9. Hi Suzi, thanks, we had an unusual thanksgiving dinner, more later.

    Hi Ronna, thanks so much, hope you had a good one too.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, the kitty kids have increased due to the feral cats I'm feeding.

    Hi Elephant's child, thanks, the turkeys were so sweet and home spun they spoke to me.

    Hi Michele, thanks, hope you relaxing for the holiday.

    Hi Lori, thanks, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

    Hi Gigi, thanks so much, hope you had a good day too.

    Hi Elna, thanks, we are actually doing a few things touristy after our offer on our hew home.


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