Sunday, November 17, 2013

Je Ne Sais Quoi

In our travels looking for a new home, we drove by a farm on Cooley Woods Road in Cleveland, Georgia and I asked Gary to stop. He wouldn't stop but I made a note of the location. Yesterday I went back to take photos to show you. I like to think the building above is a one room school house. The cupola struck my fancy; the details set the structure apart, don't you think?

Down the road and across the way is this small grist mill with the mill still turning water in the creek. I wonder if it's still in use today. The buildings look to be in good repair, surely someone is keeping them up. I did some research and found out this is the Johnson Grist Mill.

As we were leaving the mill I noticed a sign saying, appointment only, with a phone number. I jotted the number down and plan to go back for a closer look another time.

A short distance from the mill is this log cabin. The front door was open as if to welcome visitors inside.

There's so much inspiration here for clay, should I sgraffito the buildings on plates or should I build realistic miniatures?

Gary said we need to make this our last move so we're hoping to find a out-of-the-ordinary place. Something with ambiance. We've looked at a hundred of homes it seems but few have the special something we're looking for.

Later in the day I made the mistake of saying we needed something with je ne sais quoi. Gary immediately said what's that? He started making fun of me using words that, "No one knows what they are". I said everyone knows what je ne sais quoi means, they just don't know how to spell it. Even I didn't know how to spell it. Today I do. Curiously je ne sais quoi literally translated in French means, "I don't know what". Wait till I tell Gary that, ha.

I don't use unusual words to be snooty; I like learning and knowing different ways to describe what I see. These words somehow have a certain feeling contained in their description.  Sometimes little known words are so much better than the usual ones. Don't you think so?

Across the road was this feeder barn and the covered bridge below.

Yesterday we found a home and put an offer on it.  You might know it, someone else also put a bid on it. Seems other folks are also looking for a home with je ne sais quoi. Please keep your fingers crossed we get this one. All we can do is hope. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Fingers crossed.
    And does it have to be sgraffito OR miniatures? Why not do both, as the mood/inspiration strikes you.

  2. Great photos...Hope you find "that" place quickly. Winter's a commin...

  3. I love cupolas! And that whole area around the gristmill looks interesting... and full of je ne... (you know the word). I do so hope you get the place you want.

  4. Fingers crossed. My guess on the first bldg would be a church. Cupola looks like a spire to me.You'll find out for both of us when you go back to see the mill in operation.

  5. I hope this is it. What an inspiration to have at hand.

  6. Jenny who? Didn't catch the last name.

  7. I studied French in college, so I know what it means. As for homes, avoid those with stairs. The view of the city might be nice, but you will regret buying it if you develop arthritis later on. I love my one story house in Hawaii.

  8. What a pretty area; you would have inspiration for a lifetime. Toes crossed that you get the house..... Photos?

  9. Beautiful "vintage" could be Williamsburg before the Rockafellers...sending all good wishes for your new home happening soon.

  10. Hi Linda; I found your blog through Mary Ann's. I really like your work. That old building looks just like one near me (in Kentucky) that actually was a one-room school house. It looks like a beautiful area. What part of Georgia is it? Good luck getting your "je ne sais quoi' house!

  11. beautiful old buildings! wishing you luck with the offer, you don't have anything to sell so your offer should be a good choice for the seller.

  12. Ha Ha, love the "je ne sais quoi" remarks. Those are very welcoming photos, I really like the pond and the split rail fence. Fingers crossed that you get the perfect place for you.

  13. Hi Everyone, thanks for all your comments.

    boo hoo, someone with cash swooped in and bought the house out from under us,

    back to the drawing board

  14. Sorry to read that you missed out on the house, you and Gary will be feeling frustrated, a little desperate and sad. I do hope you find something with je ne sais quoi soon!

    The photos of the old farm buildings and the covered bridge are quite magical, it looks a fascinating area to explore.

    It is lovely that you enjoy words. I am sometimes frustrated when writing, because I seem to have so few descriptive words at my disposal. When I reply to comments I find myself using words like "good", "nice", and "lovely", and wishing I could think of more!

    Thinking of you both,

    P, L & NS


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