Friday, March 28, 2014

Tortoise in the Ferns

The other day I was thinking about the tortoise which lived at our previous home in Florida. I miss seeing them. I wonder what a tortoise dreams? Perhaps about a lush forest of ferns. Even though tortoise are land creatures, this one appears to be swimming in a sea of green, my tortoise in the ferns. Below is a photo of two gopher tortoise doing their mating dance at our home in Florida.

I don't have a window in my basement studio space at this home. The door has a window but it's at the other end of the studio. I miss having a window to look out of and dream. When the weather warms up (if it ever does) I might work out of doors some of the time. For me that's the ideal studio space, one with a window right in front of the work area. What's your ideal work space, your ideal dreaming space? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I don't have a window close to my wheel. Jeff has his wheel right in front of a big floor to ceiling window. I guess you could say I have an obstructed view! Occasionally I try to work outside on my porch. Mostly doing carving in clay. The downside is things tend to dry out quickly outside.

  2. My ideal dreaming space does need a window - and the sight (or at least the sound) of birds.

  3. A window, for sure. Is the basement enough above ground to put one in? I added a window at my old house, into a west wall. It was hot in the afternoons, but I could watch the sunset.

  4. One place I enjoyed working most was in an old shed that had once been a stable. There were no windows, and lots dark places and spider webs.., but it still had the stable door, and we used to swing open the top half and have a view out into a vegetable garden. It was a wonderful place in summer, but would have been too cold through the winter months.
    I like your tortoise in the ferns. Dreams? I wonder how many animals do dream? It wouldn't surprise me at all if we all do. I can't quite rid my head of the thought of a tortoise with a Homer Simpson voice dreaming "Mmmmmmm lettuces..."!

  5. Hi Michele, thanks, yeah a window really helps but maybe I'd spend too much time day dreaming. ha.

    Hi Elephant's child, thanks, that reminds me of all the birds I used to see in the tree outside my window in Florida, yes the birds.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, I could put a window in one spot but it would face the air conditioning unit. Ha. not so good.

    Hi Peter, thanks, I don't realize how much I missed my studio in Florida till now, the fragrance of hay in the stable I can almost feel the atmosphere there. I know the cats dream as I see them moving their feet and meowing and twitching as they dream, same as I've seen with dogs.

  6. I would love to have a studio with a whole wall of floor to ceiling windows looking out over a lake....Maybe one day you could build yourself a little outdoor studio...I always thought those were so cute and artsy.

  7. Hi Dee, thanks, you have described the ideal for a stucio. There was a restaurant in Florida we went to that had floor to ceiling windows and when I sat there I thought the same thing as you, that that would be the perfect setting for a studio.


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