Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two Toned Tulips and Vases

The other day at the grocery I saw a bunch of two toned tulips and decided to bring them home. Tulips can last up to three weeks as cut flowers. When I bring the tulips home I cut the end of the stem and place them in water immediately. The only vase I have unpacked is the one (in the third photo) I made recently. As I put the tulips in the vase I was thinking they'd look much better in a vase which was shorter and wider.

That's when I decided to make the strip layered form. This form is about eight inches tall and ten inches wide. I think this shape is better for displaying tulips allowing them to fall over the edges.

Now I'm thinking about other shapes, like a short skinny vase for a single flower. What shaped vases do you prefer? What about flowers; what kind do you use for cut flowers? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Good morning Linda...what gorgeous flowers. I think your tall blue vase sets them off beautifully. I have seen vases with separate small holes for tulips, and tried making one...never got the tulips for it yet though!

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks, oh I think any kind of flower would work in one of those type of flower vases. It's nice to have the flowers separated and standing up if their stems droop a bit. You've given me an idea I may make a few of them with the grids across the top.

  3. I too like the tall blue vase, but like most people... blue pottery is my favorite. As for tulips, the very pale pink ones call to me.

  4. We have many, many vases. Vases for single flowers, for bunches, for tall bunches, for droopers and trailers. And I love the vase you are considering for your tulips. And would use it. Whenever I could.

  5. I have a variety of shapes and sizes and like different vases for different flowers. I wish I could have cut flowers in the house year round. I absolutely love them... but hate to pay for them :/

  6. I love fresh flowers in a handmade vase.

  7. Hi Rian, thanks, so many do like blue and it is one of my favorite colors, this blue vase has a hint of gold in it too.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I am thinking of making a few of this shape vase and making them in different colors, of course they will all turn out different. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, oh I do love cut flowers so I am thinking of putting in a perennial garden so I can cut my own as I agree the expense is too much. I rarely splurge but this time I did.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I agree, the vases that are handmade do seem to complement the flowers so much better.


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