Sunday, May 4, 2014

More Thrift Store Bargains

Since most thrift stores benefit community charities I love shopping there. The next thrift store we visited benefits Hospice and they were having a twenty five percent sale. This lidded basket with handle was only seventy five cents. It looks hand woven and is sturdy yet open. Wonder what would be carried in this basket? Perhaps a vegetable carried in from the garden? The basket portion is one foot tall. What do you think? The shape of this basket also inspires me to make a similar shape in clay.

While I was looking through the men's shirts for Gary I found this Hawaiian shirt which was actually a woman's shirt. The shirt made me think of living Hawaii in grammar school so I bought it for myself. Gary asked how I knew it was a woman's? Women's and men's shirts are buttoned in opposite directions. I'm not sure why they're made that way. Do you know?

Every time I see crocheted pieces I think of my grandmother. She used to crochet doll dresses, pot holders, toaster covers, and much more. I used to crochet with cotton thread and make doilies but that was years ago. When I passed a bin full of hand crocheted pieces I couldn't resist looking through them. I found this square one I can use as texture in the bottom of a casserole dish I'll make with clay.

This round doily can be used as texture in a clay bowl.

Even though the winter cold has become a distant memory it's not so distant that I'd overlook an all wool blanket. The pattern and color of this blanket called to me and when I looked on the tag I saw it was made in Minnesota by the Faribault Wool Mill Company.

Today I read the mill has been in business since 1865 and I'm even more thrilled I purchased the blanket. It's a twin size and I can imagine sitting on the sofa next winter with the blanket keeping me warm. This week my thrift store bargains will be aired out and washed (no drying for the wool blanket though) and they'll be good as new. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I love, love, love going to thrift stores. So much more than going to a mall. I always feel that each item I buy is a treasure...

  2. The filet crochet is so nice. I looked closely and decided it was made one long end to the other, then edged. Very well done.
    The wool blanket is also a great find.
    I think the sidedness of buttons has something to to with men being able to reach in with their right hand for gun or sword. I wonder if left handed men had their buttons on the opposite side.

  3. Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I feel the same way, a real treasure found.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, for some reason I thought you'd know about the side of the buttons and perhaps about the woven wool blanket, the pattern of which I really love.

  4. Some wonderful finds. That basket? I would use it for vegetables when I go to the farmers' markets.

  5. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, oh that would be a good use for that basket since it is lightweight yet sturdy.


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