Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Planted More Fruit Trees

This morning Gary and I got up early and planted five more fruit trees. If you recall we already planted fruit trees (above) in front of our retaining wall intending to espalier them against the wall. The fruit trees we planted there are Early Elberta Peach (2), Kieffer Pear (2), and a Santa Rosa Plum.

I thought I might need some cross pollinators for the peach, pear and plum and I hadn't planted any apple trees. So today we planted more fruit trees, We planted a Red Haven Peach which we had in California and loved. We also planted an Arkansas Black Apple, Fuji Apple, Bartlett Pear, and an Ozark Premier Plum (trees above).

Since the trees we planted today are in the open on the hillside we decided we'd better stake them from the high winds we sometimes get here. Gary went to the lumber yard and got a pack of two foot grading stakes. He put a screw in the top back of each stake. I hammered in three stakes per tree with the screw facing out. The screw keeps the tie tape from slipping off the stake and if the tie tape gets too loose it can be wound around the screw to tighten the tie tape. The grading stakes have a sharpened point on one end and are easy to hammer in the ground with a mini sledge hammer.

We don't make the tie tape too tight since the idea is to let the tree sway somewhat in the wind to encourage the development of strength in the trunk. Above is a photo of the red haven peaches I grew in California. That's the harvest from one peach tree. I can't wait to harvest some fruit here. It will be a year or two before any production but planting fruit trees is well worth it.


  1. I sure am enjoying your new home!

  2. Planting trees seems so smart, reaching into the future with promise.

  3. Love Arkansas Black Apples! We have an apple farm about 40 minute drive inland from the coast. In the fall we get a crate of Arkansas Black apples (Pink Ladies,too) from them. So exciting to see you plant all those fruit trees.

  4. It's great that you will have fruit so soon... for some reason I thought it took longer than a few years.

  5. That is such a blessing to have these fruit trees and gather the harvest. Growing up we had apple and peach trees and I remember my mom making delicious goodies from these trees. I do miss it. Blessings, Catherine

  6. My mouth is watering for local peaches in August.

  7. Yum. Too many fruit trees is never enough. Though I can remember when visitors to my parent's home were not allowed to leave without a bucket of whatever fruit was in season. Still worth it.

  8. You and the birds are going to love all those fruit trees. It's such a great thing to plant.
    You may want to invest in some gator bags to keep them watered through the summer heat.

  9. Awesome! Good luck with the new trees.

  10. Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, we're trying to get all the heavy work done before the heat of summer comes up, then we hope to sit back and enjoy. ha.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, oh fruit trees are sure to reward us and the critters too.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, I heard the Arkansas Black's are good, what do you do with a whole crate full?

    Hi Michele, thanks, the first year usually there is no fruit, the second is sporadic but the third year is fairly productive.

    Hi Catherine, thanks, my mom had fruit trees too, we had an apricot tree and she made apricot jam and we had it on graham crackers, yummy.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, oh local peaches are so good, Gary likes yellow peaches so that's what we planted.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, I still can't believe I got that many peaches off one tree.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, it is nice to be able to share your harvest with others.

    Hi Lori, thanks, now I don't know what gator bags are, but Gary was thinking of putting in some drip lines to water them.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I hope they all do well, trying to get things in early so they can make it through the winter.


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