Saturday, June 14, 2014

Am I A Heavy Rose

Yesterday while driving back home just down the road from our house I spied some bright red flowers growing in the ditch alongside a pasture that hasn't been cut. I stopped the car in the middle of the road, got out and saw they were miniature roses. Thankfully no one has cut the pasture grasses at this location or these roses wouldn't stand a chance of showing their beautiful flowers. I bent down and picked a cluster. Each rose is about one inch across. I plan to go back and see if I can clip a few stems for cuttings and hopefully root a few.

In unpacking a few more boxes I came across a composition book of my poems from the 1970s. Notice the price is 39 cents for the book.

Inside the book there are also clippings of other poems and sketches. Here's one about a rose. Notice the rose is sitting on the table and the table appears to be cracking in the middle from the weight of the rose. I'm not sure what the two appendages on either lower side of the table represent but they appear to be breasts. I've written heavy rose just under the table and someone else has written the word HEAVY on the right side of the page. Reflecting on this piece today I feel this was autobiographical.

Am I A Heavy Rose
Linda Starr 3/10/1971

Am I a heavy rose
said the butterfly
as he landed?

Or shall I rise
above the pressure
of the wind
and fly?

It's interesting to find things today which I wrote or sketched from the 1970s. From time to time perhaps I'll publish more of  my writings here. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I think it's wonderful to find writings or drawings from years back. My early writings were all lost. Don't think my mom thought much about writing... (considered it a waste of time, I believe). I have a notebook of stories and writings my grand daughter wrote when she was young-er (she's almost 13 now). But I'm saving them - to give back when she's grown.

  2. Hi Michele, thanks, flashback to the past. ha.

    Hi Rian, thanks, oh that's wonderful you are saving your grandchild's writings I am sure she will appreciate them when she gets older.

  3. So tiny, then to consider heavy roses...lovely finds both!

  4. Hi Barbara, thanks, I just ran into our neighbor and she said those roses are everywhere and welcomed me to dig one up but I hate to dig up native roses so I hope to make a few cuttings, they are so sweet. I must have been a funk in college to consider heavy roses, who knows now. ha.

  5. Hope you can propagate that red rambler; it's lovely.

  6. Love the roses - heavy and new.

  7. Hi Joanne, thanks, oh I was so surprised to find it in the ditch, I hope so too.

    Hi Elephant's child, thanks, yes heavy and new, you are so right.

  8. A Great find... both, the roses and your notebook.

  9. Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, strange to find something so long forgotten but fun too.


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