Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ants Chiggers Cooters Skeeters & Repairs

On the way down to Florida we got one mile down the road and our camper hitch made a clunk and the anti sway bar broke off the hitch bar. We decided to go without it. Later about thirty miles down the road we stopped for fuel and as we were leaving one of the equalizer bars dropped loose. Gary rigged up a temporary fix and we were off again. After a rest stop in Southern Georgia we were covered with chigger bites. We didn't know we had chigger bites till later that evening when we arrived in Florida and started to itch, and itch, and itch.

As we set up camp that's when the mosquitoes, or as some call them, skeeters, came out in droves. Chigger bits and skeeter bites and more itching and itching.

The next day while our camper was getting tires we went to Cooter Pond. There really is such a thing as a cooter turtle and we saw lots of them.

We also saw a small alligator in the pond. He was about six feet long.

Meanwhile back at the shop our camper trailer, a toy hauler, needed brakes and the bearings packed. After we left the repair shop we found out our trailer brakes weren't working so we had to go back and get a brake control.  We ended up spending over twelve hundred dollars on tires which we knew we needed then brakes, bearings packed and brake control which we didn't know we needed. Also the clearance lights needed repair.

We're half way back to Florida now in a little town called Harira Georgia and we have an invasion of tiny ants this morning. First we thought they were just on the counter now we see they are all over the floor. Yikes, we have no spray so we're doing a tap dance trying to get rid of them. Please keep your fingers crossed for the remainder of our trip. We need all the luck we can get. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It's always something.If you have an RV it's always 3 or 4 somethings.Safe travels and find some benadryl!

  2. I used to get chigger bites all the time when I was younger while playing in the woods all day long lol. And mosquitoes and ticks. I always came in the house crawling with critters.

  3. Oh dear...the invasion of insects! Hope all your critters go way way away! Enjoy the sunshine.

  4. the rest of the trip has to be an improvement! safe travels.

  5. Yikes, what a crazy adventure trip so far. It has to get better. so now, I know what a toy hauler is. My Sis just wrote that they traded their big 5th wheel for a toy hauler that they can take their 4-wheelers along in. I had not a clue what one was. HaHa

  6. I know how it feels, when you think mother Nature is out to get you.

    I'm that kind of person, who'll walk amongst 20 people down a path, around the small waterhole and back again.

    And as the only one in the group, I have to fight of gadflies, mosquitos, ticks and other bloodsuckers....

    Last autum I went blackberry picking with my mother. When we came home, my hubby counted 54 mosquito bites on my back. My mother had none...

    Hope you have better luck on the rest of your trip :-)

  7. Aaargh. As a homing plate for insect bites I feel your pain. My partner uses me as his personal insect repellant. If I am out with him - he doesn't get bitten.
    Hope the rest of your trip is trouble and bite free.

  8. Hard to believe the wheels didn't fall off, too. The cooter turtle is a cutie.

  9. sulfur dusted around your shoes and pants is what we use to do when we went berry picking with our grandmother.
    With that said- the bugs are terrible this year.

  10. Ah, the great outdoors. Some days it'll bite you. I've been bitten by chiggers, I feel your pain. So sorry but I hope these bugs don't ruin your trip.

  11. Hi Dennis, thanks, it's been years since I had a chigger bite. Ugh

    Hi Keith, thanks, all I did was walk across the grass at a rest stop and the grass was really short, never again.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I have had enough insects for the whole summer. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, anything is better than all that. Ha.

  12. Hi Barbara, thanks, we learned about toy haulers not too long ago either, they are versatile for sure.

    Hi Goej, thanks, normally the insects leave me alone, not this time.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I have had my fill.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, you are so right about them possibly dropping off, we were lucky.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, sulfur never heard of it.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I may have to resort to insect repellent from now on.


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