Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Granite and Tile

Here's the granite we chose, it's called amazonas and it reminds me of fossils. There are gray, green, brown and beige undertones. Perhaps you recall we are redoing our kitchen. Click the link to see the kitchen before countertops. We decided to get granite since they now have a 15 year sealant and there is much less maintenance than was necessary in the past. We like the natural look of granite over man-made quartz.

This is a photo of a photo of the granite sample so it doesn't show the sheen or detail it would if I were taking a photo of the actual slab. We plan go to the granite yard to choose our slab since, even in a pattern more uniform such as this, there's a great deal of variety in color and tone. We're hoping to get a slab with predominant green tones in it.

The tile is a subway linen-look tile with gray undertones. What do you think of this tile with the granite. I've heard it said not to get tile that competes with the granite. I'm wondering if a matt tile goes with the shiny granite? I tend to not like shiny tile anyway, preferring a more natural or stone look. I wouldn't mind a tumbled stone look but marble tends to be more white and I'm not sure where to find other tumbled stone tiles. Please give me your thoughts or share links with photos of other choices. We're on a short trip out of town so I may have to catch up with you on my return. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It's hard to see the matt and the shine in the photo but I do think it would work well together. You'd have a blend of textures. If your concerned can you try the tile in a satin?

    I love the granite, it does look like fossils.

  2. Yay for granite. Ours is a green, and I pat it frequently when we go past. And the splashback is tiled, with an almost imperceptible swirl of self colour. Which seems to work.

  3. Hi Lori, thanks, that particular tile just comes like that, maybe I'll try and get another tile that isn't so matt and see how it looks before I decide on the tile. I do love the look of this granite a lot.

    Hi Elephant's child, thanks, oh I love that you pat your granite when you go by. when we were at the store I kept rubbing the granite and Gary was getting a laugh at that. Ha. I do wish I could see your kitchen, perhaps you'll post a photo one of these days.

  4. Hi Linda..just catching up... I am in the same state of renovations (although YOU are certainly getting things done more quickly..good for you! :)..I just need tile backsplash. I think a more satin finish, since you do not care for glossy, is better for cleaning. Are matte tiles hard to clean, especially around the stove?? ..just wondering. There is so much to think about..have fun. T.


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