Friday, June 13, 2014

Superstitions and Beliefs

When I lived in the San Francisco bay area there were a lot of egrets to see. Every time I saw one I was in awe of their beauty. I started telling myself they were good luck. My best friend and I were thinking of starting a decorating business together. We were going to name it White Bird Decor. We never started the business but to this day I still think if I see a white bird it's good luck. When Gary and I were dating we'd see white birds and point them out to each other saying it was a good luck day.

One day I was driving my mother to the hospital in San Francisco for her cancer treatment. It was a stormy day and we were listening to classical music on the radio. The music matched the storm we were driving through. My mother asked me if I thought she was going to make it. At that very moment a white egret flew over my car. I pointed the bird out to my mother and said "see that white bird it means good luck especially if it's flying over your car". I said to my mother "so that means you're definitely going to be OK." That day I believed what I said and I think my mother believed me too. My mother did recover from her cancer. Sometimes I think the power of positive thinking is all that's necessary to heal oneself. Well maybe not all but I think it does help.

Yesterday Gary and I happened to drive by a car we're thinking of buying. We took a test drive and the gentleman who had the car for sale sat in the back seat. I noticed a medal poking out the overhead console and mentioned it, asking if it was a St. Christopher medal. The gentleman reached up and retrieved the medal saying he'd found it when he was about fourteen years old and had carried it ever since. He said "what are the chances of finding a pure silver medal with a silver chain". The gentleman is probably in his seventies and has had several heart surgeries in recent years and so far has survived every one. I like to think his silver St. Christopher medal has kept him safe all these years. I'm sure he feels that way.

Since today is Friday the 13th I thought this was a good day to post about superstitions and beliefs. Are you superstitious about today? What about you, what are your superstitions? Do you believe they are true? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Yes indeed, positive thinking, positive outlook, contribute to living life healthy and happy.011111111111111111 Muffin just wanted to give her opinion too.

  2. I have the egrets straggling through on their way to the Lake Erie marshes. Beautiful.
    When I drove for a living a friend gave me a guardian angel that fits on my visor. I was on the road so much I was fated to see and/or be able to avoid more than one serious accident. Ms. Angel has lived in all my cars, to the present.

  3. Hi Barbara, thanks, yes positive thinking, muffin, where is she?

    Hi Joanne, thanks, oh what a wonderful story about the guardian angel you've carried all these years.

  4. I am not superstitious about Friday the 13th, I like to just have fun with it. I definitely believe in positive thinking and attitudes. Being positive and believing in a dream, motivates you into making it happen.

    ...and I hear it's full moon tonight too.

  5. Hi Linda!! I totally believe that a positive outlook can change the course of one's life.

    I am not superstitious about today. But now that I say that, it probably means I'll spill coffee on myself in a matter of seconds :)

  6. My grandmother was very superstitious and taught us what to do and not do like avoiding splitting a pole when walking with someone. I don't believe the superstitions are true but I always think about them when I'm doing something "wrong."

  7. A positive attitude very rarely hurts. On the superstition front? The one I DEFINITELY don't believe is that black cats are baaaad theme. And how could I? I can't remember not having a black cat in my life.

  8. Hi Michele, thanks, I hope it's clear so I can see the moon.

    Hi Keith, thanks, I'm not superstitious about the 13th either but then again one never knows what will happen. I hope it's clear tonight.

    Hi Lori, thanks, oh I bet you have some tales to tell about your grandmother's superstitions, would love to hear some of them some time.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I don't believe the black cat either as I once had a black cat named Poncho.


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