Thursday, June 5, 2014

When I'm 64

Last night we went to Neon Leon's Zydeco Steak House in Homosassa, Florida. We both had jambalaya and listened to live zydeco music. The gentleman who played was quite versatile using various instruments, unfortunately I didn't get his name. One of the instruments he played was the squeeze box or Cajun accordion, and it reminded me of my brother (passed away at 45 much too young) who played the accordion as a young boy.

Today I'm 64, and I started humming "Will you still love me, will you still need me when I'm 64".

Listening to the Cajun music last night reminded me I'd promised myself to add more music to my life. I haven't fully accomplished that goal yet. I have to hurry since time is flying by much too quickly.

Here's Doug Kershaw playing Louisiana Man:

Of course I was thinking of Marguerite of Cajun Delights and Kittie Howard last night. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I love zydeco music and jambalaya ... what a fun evening! Plus, the Sergeant Pepper album is among my all time favorites. So, is today your birthday? If so, Have a beautiful birthday! If not, Have a beautiful day anyway! :)

  2. Happy Birthday. Mine is in 8 days and I will also be 64. Best wishes forever.

  3. Hi Teresa, thanks, yes I am 64 today, and that zydeco music was so happy last night I even felt like dancing, was a little sad remembering my brother not having appreciated his playing when he was young as much as I wish I could have, but then remembering it when I am old. I need to get some cd with zydeco music to make me feel happy if I am down.

    Hi Christine, thanks so much, oh how wonderful, you and I are both gemini, happy birthday to you early

  4. Happy birthday. 64 is going to smack me in the face in a couple of months. Let me know how it works out for you.Add some music, learn to play something even if it is Uke or simple Harmonica.If you think you can't sing, sing anyway. If you know you can't sing, sing louder.

  5. Happy birthday. I remember 64; it was another good year.

  6. Happy birthday, Linda!
    I was 64 in 2010. It was another good year.

  7. Have a wonderful year, Linda. YES to zydeco to feel like dancing! Enjoy whatever you do.

  8. Happy birthday.

    Their was a very talented young boy in Lafayette , LA who I heard playing years ago. This story made me think of him. Thank you.

  9. Happy Birthday! What a very cool place to celebrate.

  10. Happy Birthday Linda! And I love both those songs. DH and I are both from Louisiana and "Louisiana Man" is one of my old favorites... don't hear it much around here in Texas, but we do hear it occasionally on the radio when we head back home. Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. I haven't lost a sibling ... yet .. it must be very difficult at times. May I recommend a zydeco CD from the Putamayo series of music ... a compilation ... it's just called "Zydeco" and I love it.

  12. Happy, happy birthday. And yes, you are still loved.

  13. Happy Birthday Linda,
    "When I'm 64" is a great piece of music, so I hope that this will be a great year for you (and many more of them too where you can follow the dreams you have with music!). I love "Neon Leon's", an unforgettable name.

  14. Happy Birthday Linda! Zydeco music is such happy music. As with all the music fests here in Austin, they have a Zydeco one too. Hubby turned 60 on June 3rd.

  15. Hi Dennis, thanks, I actually had a pretty good voice in high school and used to play the piano but I need to get back to some of that now for sure.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, another good year is a good thing.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, oh I am looking forward to more good years I hope.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I sometimes play music and dance by myself, crazy as that may seem.

    Hi Lori, thanks, glad to bring back your memories.

    Hi Michele, thanks, the owner was the bass guitarist in Lynard Skynard which I failed to mention.

    Hi Rian, thanks, till I started my blog I never knew anyone from Louisiana and now I know lots.

    Hi Teresa, oh thanks for stopping by again with your recommendation I will definitely order that cd.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I couldn't help but remember those lines to the song, love you too.

    Hi Peter, thanks, some neon signs are a good thing don't you think, the place was a little run down and probably has seen better days but we never went there when we lived there so decided to try it out and for the music and food I was glad we did.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, so hubby is a Gemini too, great.

    Hi Charlene, thanks so much we did have a great but quick trip to Florida, too exhausting for such a long distance drive, hope to make it longer in the future.


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