Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Driftwood Handled Baskets

This week I've drifted away from the sgraffito work to making driftwood handled baskets. My intention is to wrap the handle ends with waxed linen thread or perhaps some copper wire strung through holes I've placed in the top of the basket. What do you think? The handle will be added after firing. Above is the first basket I've made.

Here's the second basket. The pieces of clay you see at the bottom edge are temporarily holding the basket up till it dries. The uprights on the side wrap under the basket much like a wooden water basket would be constructed.

 Here is a water carrier with a driftwood handle I made back in college in 2008.

Above is a water bucket I made in 2011.

Gary said he'd go to the beach to collect more driftwood for me if I need it. I told him that wouldn't be necessary. You see I'm a bit of a pack rat. Above is a bin full of medium sized driftwood I collected.

 Here's a bin full of the large sized driftwood I collected.

Here's a bin full of the largest size driftwood I've collected. Some of these may be too large for handles. Hum wonder what else I can use these for? Any ideas?

Here's a small pile of unusual shaped driftwood I've collected. All of this driftwood was collected when I lived in California, and that was many many years ago. Every time we moved Gary asked "what are you going to do with this driftwood". I always answered I'm going to use it for something. Maybe now I'll reduce my stash of driftwood. It's going to take a lot of clay basket making to do so. Oh I also have a small stash of seashells and a few beach rocks. Ha. Up next is a trip to the highest point in Georgia and a trip to see some Native American petroglyphs. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. These look like great baskets...I love driftwood, and have never worked with it. I think you're onto something that will be very lovely...even just to add a piece after the clay is fired, as part of the design.

  2. Hi Barb, thanks, I hope I'm on to something, I had thought about it before but never followed through, hopefully this time I will.

  3. If you have odds and ends of driftwood that can't be turned into handles I think they would look great in a big bowl or basket, for display. You could even add some of the seashells you have collected over the years.
    I look forward to seeing where you go with these.

  4. Hi Michele, thanks, oh that's a super idea to display them. I have an oval wood slump mold bowl that I use in the studio but every time I use it I think it really is too nice to be used as a slump mold, although it doesn't harm it to use it that way.

  5. You live such an interesting, artistic life.

  6. I would make a pottery circle and punch holes around the rim before it's fired. When it's done I'd string fishing line through the holes and gather it into a knot at the top to hang on a hook. I'd drop fishing line the other way down and tie driftwood chunks, fooling around with the weights of them so they balance. Voila, a mobile. Send Gary for more driftwood.

  7. Hi Gigi, thanks, never a dull moment, ha, I have way too much stuff.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, what a super idea, if Gary gets to go to the beach I do too.

  8. I suspect Gary was just looking for an excuse to go to the beach.

    I like the driftwood. I have a contorted filbert tree and often prune it for pottery. (I think that's a blog title in my future)

  9. Brilliant idea - and I love the connection of such very different textures. And would love a driftwood mobile...

  10. Hi Lori, thanks, I've always wanted to grow that filbert but never have, maybe one of these days. looking forward to seeing your additions to pottery with that wonderful curvilinear wood.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, oh so many possibilities and so little time, we shall see.

  11. Ooo yes! I do like these Linda.

  12. Hi Robyn, thanks, I am thinking of other pieces besides baskets as well. Bete you could do something with these pieces of driftwood.


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