Saturday, September 20, 2014

Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Robert Gould Shaw Memorial

We had the distinct pleasure of touring Augustus Saint-Gaudens home, gardens, and studio yesterday.  Please click on the links to read historical information. One of the most impressive funerary sculptures we saw was the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial, the original stands in the Boston Commons.

Saint-Gaudens labored for fourteen years to complete the piece and even after it was unveiled he continued to work on subsequent versions.

This national historic site, which includes the home, studio, gardens, and grounds, is maintained by the National Park Service. 

smaller version of Gaudens Standing Lincoln
 perched on a pedestal in the visitor center.

Gaudens Federal Style home
near the Cornish Colony, New Hampshire.

Gaudens Studio

inside the studio
garden behind home

Marion Adams Memorial

Gaudens dining room

Gaudens front parlor

in Gaudens studio

bowl and cup by Gaudens

floral arrangement on the porch of home

The Gaudens site is one of two national parks dedicated to visual artists in our country and it's well worth a visit. The other site is the Weir Farm of Julian Allen Weir in Connecticut. I took many more photos but didn't want to make this post too cumbersome. There is so much to see at the site and if I have time I'll go back as I missed the atrium and another sculpture section. Thanks for reading and for all your comments. 


  1. Lovely! I love to look at art of any kind. Those flower arrangements perked up the rooms.

  2. Lovely...and that bowl with the pierced stand made me blink, why haven't I made one of those? Thanks!

  3. Can you believe I lived in NH for 49 years and never visited there?! I hope I can take the time to go someday.

  4. Love that home and garden. The sculpture is not to my taste though I appreciate the work and the artistry. The bowl and cup definitely are. Gorgeous things.

  5. Hi Gigi, thanks, oh that was a wonderful place to visit and there were so many more arrangements, you would have loved them. I did, I took floral arranging at college a few years ago and ever since then I am drawn to floral displays.

    Hi Barb, thanks, I was thinking the same thing when I saw that bowl, good idea for inspiration for sure. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, oh you would truly enjoy the tour, not the cutesy home tour some places are and I took lots more photos but didn't want the post to be too large, I missed the atrium and other sections of the places. The studio was to die for I could have lived in it, definitely a place of yesteryear.

    Hi Sue, thanks, surprised you don't like the sculpture, but the gardens, much of the photos I didn't post, were wonderful and the atrium and so much of the federal style home which you would have loved.


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