Sunday, September 14, 2014

Half a Robin's Egg

Yesterday we finally left on our trip and made it to Virginia in the late afternoon. At the campground I stepped from the car and noticed half a robin's egg lying on the ground. I wondered why the egg hadn't been crushed since it was right in the foot path. I thought to myself, surely a robin wasn't nesting this late in the season.

Later that evening as I lay in bed I wondered how I knew it was  a robin's egg. I remembered a time in my early childhood when I saw robins building a nest in the Spring. Back and forth they flew carrying gathered materials for their nest. Later I noticed the mother bird left the nest infrequently and I surmised she must be sitting on eggs. When I saw her leave I ran over to look. I peered inside the nest and saw four exquisite blue eggs. I was mesmerized by their soft round beauty and the thought that a bird would emerge from these eggs. I marveled at the wonder of nature.

A week or so later I saw the mother going to the  nest again and again all day long carrying worms in her beak. I knew the eggs had hatched and I longed to see the babies, When she left I ran over to the nest and once again peered inside. Amazed I saw four featherless baby birds with closed eyes lying helpless waiting for food. Their skin was so think I could see the worms in the stomach. When I moved they started to chirp, I realized they thought I was their mother returning with more food. I quickly left so I wouldn't disturb the new robin family.

After a few weeks I saw the baby robins fledge and I was so happy they all lived to fly off. As I fell asleep last night I hoped the baby robin from the half robin's egg had the same good fortune. Everywhere I go I find small gifts from mother nature; I hope I learn the lesson's she has put before me. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It's so fun to have a nest that you can watch. Usually we have a few here, but not this year. I think our birdhouse on the porch needs to be cleaned out... we weren't good birdhouse keepers this year ;/

  2. I've never seen a robin's egg. The pictures are beautiful.

  3. It is an incredible blue isn't it? And an incredible thing. Nature is awe inspiring. And yes, I know the phrase is over used - but not in this case.

  4. I used to love finding bird's nests when I was younger. New life hatching out of beautiful blue shells :)

  5. Lovely to know about your robins...I've found the empty shells, but never a nest. Have fun traveling!

  6. Hi Michele, thanks, yeah I think they like a clean nest although I've seen them nest in ones that are already pre-pared.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, oh the blue of their eggs is reallly something.

    Hi Sue, thanks, it truly is awesom, I consider seeing that half an egg a good omen.

    Hi Keith, thanks, I love the blue of their eggs.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I still remember their hairless bodies.


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