Friday, September 19, 2014

Sea Shore New Hampshire

New Hampshire has seventeen miles of sea shore so we decided to take a tour yesterday. We went to Portsmouth, Rye Harbor and other sea towns.

 sea grass blowing in the wind

 distant view of the islands

 John Smith monument completed last month

 New England explorer John Smith

 more rugged sea shore

 sea shore flower

 stone home with view of the shore

 home with unique chimney caps

unique chimney caps
(I'm sure these caps will influence a piece in clay)

palladian windows with palladian lattice above

We stopped at a local restaurant and had lobster bisque and drove back to Newport. The shore is about a two hour drive from Newport, New Hampshire.


  1. Your'e making me feel a little homesick :-(
    Portsmouth is our favorite hangout. Monday night music jam at the Dolphin Striker, then late night greasy burgers at Gilley's.

  2. Lovely area!

  3. Hi Michele, thanks, oh I'll tell Jack and Gale about Strikers and Gilley's.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, it was a nice sunny warm day which was welcome. we had frost last night.

  4. Wonderful inspiring views and architecture...and here I thought you were looking at autumn leaves!

  5. I knew Lobster would sneak into this trip sooner or later. Have fun.

  6. Oh, the houses! And, the bay is lovely, too.

  7. Echoing Joanne. And looking forward to seeing the piece those chimney tops inspire.


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