Monday, September 29, 2014

Steamed Lobster

A trip to New England wouldn't be complete without steamed lobster. Lobster at most restaurants was $20 on up. Thanks to the recommendation of Gary's cousin's wife, Gale, we purchased lobster already steamed at the local grocery, Market Basket, in Clermont, New Hampshire for $4.99 a pound. Image borrowed from the net since I forgot to take a photo. Too busy eating the lobster. Ha.

The lobster stayed warm on the drive home and it was delicious. Above is a photo of a paper place mat I picked up which details how to eat a lobster. A tamale of liver in the lobster was described, I didn't eat that part. Up next a visit to a brewery and a distillery, then another garden visit. So stay tuned. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. yep... Market Basket is the place to buy lobster in NH! When we were there this summer the stores were all on strike. Prices were higher in other stores but still affordable compared to the South. I have a lobster craving

  2. New England and lobsters...mmmm. Me too, craving lobster now. So glad you enjoyed it for me!

  3. When I was camping in NE, sometime in the eighties, there were stands along the road with a steaming pot and a selection of lobsters. On the way back to camp we would take our pick, wait a few minutes, and have fresh, hot steamed lobsters for dinner at the picnic table. Wonderful.

  4. My Frank would never leave that state. :)

  5. Luxury. And my partner would tell me - poison.

  6. Hi Michele, thanks, any time I see a photo of a lobster I have a craving too. Ha.

    Hi Barb, thanks, I see them in the stores frozen, wonder if they are worth trying?

    Hi Lori, thanks, oh so good.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, oh that's the way to enjoy the lobster for sure, a small stand by the roadside.

    Hi Dee, thanks, I think anyplace you can get lobster is wonderful.

    Hi Sue, thanks, must be allergic, my Gary is allergic to crab.


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