Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Teabowl, Mug & old Barney Bed

 Here's a stacked teabowl I made yesterday.

I let the stylized trees creep over the rim of the bowl.

Then I made another one of these stacked mugs this time using blue underglaze stripes.

I added a little curly cue to the inside bottom of the mug.

The blue mug is wider and shorter than the other stacked mug I made. We'll see which is more comfortable to drink from.

I gave Barney his old bed back because I didn't want him sleeping under the deck in the dirt. He still isn't using the styrofoam bed (see previous post). This bed has a thick rubber tray (purchased at a feed store), a pillow and then the crocheted afgan. I took the photo through the window so there's a window reflection. The temperature is warming up during the day so he's pretty comfortable. We shall see if he ever goes into his other bed. Well I'm off to the farmer's market to see what I can find. I think this may be the last farmer's market of the season. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Dear Linda, Those certainly are great looking mugs. As for Barney,
    he certainly is sweet. Catherine

  2. LOVE that stacked tea bowl (a term I had not come across). And Barney. He does look v comfortable.

  3. Cats have their own sensibilities...perhaps the new bed just doesn't smell right for Barney. Great stacked mugs, I love the spiral in the bottom!

  4. Hi Catherine, thanks, we shall see how the mugs turn out, Barney is quite the guy following us all around outside. He came with our house so now we take care of him.

    Hi Sue, thanks, oh I made up that term due to the construction technique I am using to make them. He makes himself at home that's for sure.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I put his old blankets in the new house but you know the styrofoam doesn't smell all that great, perhaps after a few weeks it will mellow out.

  5. Wonderful work, Linda!

    And cats...they certainly do what they want to do!

  6. Hi Linda, thanks, clay is limitless isn't it and yes the cats have a mind of their own. Ha.


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