Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kiln Fillers, Stocking Stuffers

The first few times I fired my new kiln I didn't have a full load. I could have fit in lots of small items. So I decided to make some kiln fillers.

Since the holidays are coming I made some stocking stuffers. Up next I'll make a few soap dishes and other small items. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Always good to have kiln fillers. I made cookie cutter gingerbread men with slip trailed deco a few years ago and probably sold two. The rest I have given away. I think I just can't compete with what other people sell them for. They are a lot of work... all those edges need to be cleaned up... tedious!

  2. I like these. I buy similar ornaments at the local gallery, for small gifts. I think I paid about ten dollars apiece, but don't really recall. I'll look again this year.

  3. I love to fill the spaces in my kiln but seldom think to make ahead. At our guild we make similar tree decorations for our tree in our gallery. All proceeds go to a local charity. This is always a very successful project.

  4. Good for you thinking ahead...having your own kiln you get a different perspective!

  5. Hi Michele, thanks, I know what you mean these take a long time to sand and glaze, it seems small items take just as much time as large ones, if even longer. Ugh

    Hi Joanne, thanks, I try to make a variety of price points to sell and these are popular. I have some leaves for fall colors made as well.

    Hi Parkland Potters, thanks, I usually don't think ahead, but this time I did, hopefully it will pay off. I also make pendants but I already have enough of those bisqued.

    Hi Barb, thanks, yes when you have to pay the electric bill and the the cost of the kiln your mind starts trying to think of ways to be more efficient for sure.


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