Friday, November 28, 2014

Cooked My Goose

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. You may recall I was cooking a goose for our meal. I decided to honor the bird by making this goose platter. For the colors I'm using mason stains mixed with white slip and a few underglazes.

One of our neighbors said geese are very fatty. They needn't worry. The goose was indeed very fatty but all of that fat is now splattered over the inside of my oven, don't you know. Well most of it is in the bottom of the pan but a good amount did splatter. The roasted goose was tender, moist, dark meat, dense and rich. I basted the bird with honey and melted butter. Where is that large covered baking pan I used to have.

I made fresh cranberries cooked with fresh pineapple and didn't add but a tablespoon or two of sugar to that. I also made a rice based dressing with mushrooms, pecans, water chestnuts, hearts of palm, and dried tomatoes. That too was wonderful. While the goose was cooking I cooked fresh sweet potato and I made a cream based gravy with mushrooms and onions I sauteed along with the chopped liver and heart. I added the neck bones for flavor removing them at the end. I also used a tablespoon of white and balsamic vinegar and spices of salt and pepper, bay, thyme, tarragon and celery seed. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Sounds delicious. I enjoyed not cooking (or cleaning up) at my sons house. Nice to be with his family and girl friend.

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks, i was just thinking it takes so long to make all that food and then a very short time to eat it, is it really worth it, I guess once a year it is. Ha. Lucky you.

  3. Your goose platter is beautiful. I'm really liking all the platters you've been doing lately.

    The only thing I made this year was pumpkin custard, and roasted brussel sprouts. We got turkey and brisket & sides, from the B-B-Q place up the road. I do have some splatters in my oven, from the olive oil I roasted the sprouts in. I should have covered with foil...Oh well. All your food sounds delicious, even the goose, though I have never had it. I have yet to make my own cranberry sauce, but want to.

    Happy Thanksgiving week-end.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Aloha from Hawaii.

  5. Hi Barbara, thanks, I just put a little water, maybe a quarter a cup all the whole fresh cranberries and about four slices chopped up of the pineapple and two tablespoons of sugar, it was so good. all of what I made was delicious.

    Hi Gigi, thanks happy thanksgiving to you and your family too.

  6. It sounds good. Cleaning the oven is not high on my list of favourite jobs though. Not high at all.

  7. I bet that was good! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  8. Hi Sue, thanks, no and oven was here when we moved in and it isn't a a self cleaning oven, ugh.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, it was so good, been years since I cooked a thanksgiving meal.

    Hi Pam, thanks, hope you have a great holiday as well.


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