Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fenugreek After A Long Sleep

Fenugreek After a Long Sleep

After a long sleep
half dreaming
scents of youth

aromas drift
baby powder
puppy breath

bar of soap
pine-sol floor
kitchen cleanser

hidden deep
forgotten memory

moist soil
mown grass

burnt toast
garlic breath
cigarette smoke

hair spray
old spice
chanel No 5

of fenugreek

maple syrup
cream of wheat
hot chocolate

crushed moss
cedar bough
rain clean air

biscuits baking
potatoes mashing
pork chops frying

the fenugreek

cough drop
vicks vapor rub

play dough
bubble gum

musty book
gym locker
pool chlorine

after a long sleep
illusive still
always fenugreek.


  1. Scents are such powerful memory triggers aren't they?
    And once, just once, we succeeded in growing fenugreek. And I cook with those seeds to this day.

  2. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I have smelled it before but never grown it but was remembering the scent hence the words, but I also smelled the same fragrance in the woods once and wondered what it was. I must try growing it and also eating it, how do you use it? I read up on how scents can bring back long lost memories, ones we don't even know we remember.

    1. I toss the seeds (in generous quantities, into things which are getting a long, slow cook. I have a pumpkin curry recipe which is MUCH better with than without.

  3. Lovely poem, I read it several times and slowed right down and savoured the scents and memories! This was my first introduction to Fenugreek, I hadn't heard of it, but I guess I may have had it in a curry somewhere!

  4. Hi Peter, thanks so much, I woke up and thought of the fenugreek and then I thought about how certain smells remind us of different things from our past, and I realized how the sense of smell is really not appreciated as much as it should, can't you just savor the scents, especially if you close your eyes and you can almost smell them. I have got to see where I can get some fenugreek to savor it and perhaps I can somehow remember why that scent keeps coming back to me every so often, every couple of years.

  5. Funny about fenugreek...beware of Greeks bearing gifts doesn't apply when the gift is fenugreek!


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