Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Walk in the Forest

 white trillium

 yellow bells

 mayapple leaves

 mayapple flower

 cinnamon fern
 (just above the cinnamon fronds is a ruffed grouse,
 camouflaged almost perfectly in the forest floor, 
and she didn't even fly away when I walked even closer,
I suspect she had a nest nearby)

 purple trillium

 heart shaped leaves

 unusual ground cover
(do you know what it is?)

 wild violet

 flame azalea

moss covered rocks

 tree with drooping white flowers

 forest floor full of ferns

white spires

Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. What a pretty walk! Things are just beginning to bloom here; our cold snap set things back a bit.
    The ground cover is Creeping Jenny; it's very common here.

  2. Hi Suzi, thanks, the one with the thread like juniper shaped leaves is creeping jenny, I thought creeping jenny is a vine with round leaves? We are having some nice Spring weather here and no late frost thank goodness.

  3. Very nice photos. There sure is a great variety of plants over there.

  4. Hi Gigi, thanks, and most of them are easily overlooked unless you look closely.

  5. I've always loved ferns, ivy, and moss covered rocks! That 'unusual' ground cover may be some sort of fern?... but I haven't any idea what it is.

  6. Hi Rian, thanks, I should have picked a bit of it to see the texture and the leaf construction. I will do a bit of research to see what I come up with.

  7. The ground cover looks like southern ground cedar - Diphasiastrum digitatum. The heart shaped leaves above it look like wild ginger - Asarum canadense.

  8. Hi Unknown, thanks so much, ground cedar - so beautiful and wild ginger - so much beauty in nature.

  9. Beautiful walk...I always get excited to see trilliums...actually I get excited whenever I see any wild flowers:)

  10. Hi Charlene, thanks, oh I was in heaven discovering all the wonderful plants and then to learn here what some of them are, even better.


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